Jamaicans Congratulate Dalton

Jamaicans congratulate Dalton

Following his historic win yesterday, Jamaicans far and wide have congratulated the 2018 X Factor winner, Dalton Harris. Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Culture Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange were among the many persons who took time out to applaud him.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness

Congratulations to Dalton Harris, winner of the prestigious X Factor title. Dalton is a phenomenal talent who underscores the fact that Jamaica, though a small island developing state, produces some of the world’s best talent in entertainment and culture.

Dalton has progressed effortlessly throughout the competition, always remaining humble and true to his Jamaican roots with his singing producing goose pimples and riveting performances. His history-making performances have placed him in a league of excellent performers, and he is the first Jamaican to achieve the title X Factor winner.

Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment & Sport, Olivia Grange

“Dalton’s victory comes at a time when the world is celebrating Jamaica’s most important musical creation, reggae, which UNESCO added to its list of intangible cultural treasures for humanity. And here comes another Jamaican treasure in the form of Dalton Harris, who has now won the X Factor, after winning our local Digicel Rising Stars [competition], has shown to the world the kind of talent we produce in Jamaica and is now set to become a global megastar. I couldn’t be happier for his success.”

Congratulations Dalton Harris @harrisdalton You have done our country proud. Great example of triumph against all adversities

Dalton’s Voice is exceptional, and he has been pure class this competition… can’t remember seeing a competition like this where a competitor didn’t even have one subpar performance.

I get goose bumps….. Every time I think of his journey. Hardwork, tenacity, focus, vision… all these and more paid off. Congrats @harrisdalton!

When Jesus say yes, nobody can say No! Mi glad bag buss! Congratulations @harrisdalton, you are most deserving of this win! Big up yuh nice clean sing good self!

Naw lie! Dalton is a better singer than the established star he’s sharing the duet with. He’s the winner without doubt. So happy to witness this. To the bad minded idiots gwey! #Daltontowin #XFactorFinal

Tessanne was Jamaican, but Dalton is the story of many Jamaicans enuh. Struggle and triumph. @jaevionn

Childhood trauma and experiences run DEEP! Sometimes, we don’t even understand it ourselves or know how DEEP. I’m so happy that he won this competition. My heart is glad! GOOD people deserve GOOD things! Dalton is a STAR!

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