Rebel Salute Plans In high Gear

It’s just over eight weeks to the 2019 staging of the two-day reggae festival Rebel Salute, but promoter Tony Rebel is deep into the planning process.

The artiste-turned-promoter operates with the mantra ‘fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’.

“Yuh know we not into that failing thing,” he stated emphatically in an interview with the Jamaica Observer.

“You just have to put in the work, and with a project this size, there is no way you can’t attempt to cover as many bases as possible. We doing all that we have to do. Already we had our launch in New York, and we have two more coming up for Jamaica. We jus’ have to prepare fi di ting,” he continued.

With more than two decades under his belt at organising and staging the calendar event, Tony Rebel and his team are taking the festival back to the expansive Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Priory St Ann from January 18 to 19.

He is keeping the full line-up of acts close to his chest, but has already announced that reggae act Dawn Penn, famous for her track No No No, as well as the ‘Hot Stepper’ Ini Kamoze will grace the stage.

For Tony Rebel, this year’s roster of acts will have “an interesting twist”.

“One of the acts we are bringing is Bobi Wine out of Uganda. He is an interesting character who was once imprisoned and is now a parliamentarian in his country. We chose him because his principles of human rights, justice, peace and love are closely aligned to ours. Plus, there is the music and the edutainment and highlighting the better side of our culture. So he’s a perfect fit,” he explained.

Rebel Salute became the first event to be given an exemption under the amendment to the Dangerous Drugs Act and has always sought to highlight the business of ganja through its Herb Curb. This year is no different.

Rebel Salute is partnering with two of the new ganja companies to expand the happenings on the Herb Curb.

“We are joining forces with Epican Jamaica and Utopia to expand di ting. What we are looking at is a two-day herb conference on the Thursday and Friday before the festival starts and then a symposium on the Saturday during the daytime. We really want to explore all the ways we can benefit from herb,” said Tony Rebel.

Source: Rebel Salute plans in high gear

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