Listen To Dalton Harris, X-Factor U.K.

Jamaican Dalton Harris threw down the gauntlet yesterday as he put in his bid to be in next week’s semifinals of the televised talent show X Factor UK. The 24-year-old delivered another of his powerhouse performances to wow judges and studio audience alike.

His rendition of Listen, originally performed by Beyonce for the soundtrack of the film version of the hit musical Dreamgirls, earned him an extended standing ovation for those gathered to witness the performance in London.

Within two hours of his performance, Harris’ rendition of Listen jumped up the iTunes Top 100 singles chart, entering at number 43. At press time, the single was at number 32.

This is not the first time Harris was performing the popular tune. He used it to secure his spot on the boys team, while at Judges House in Ibiza with his coach and mentor Louis Tomlinson in the early episodes of this season.

So loud were the cheers and chants following the performance that the judge could hardly get a word in edgewise to comment on what Harris had just done on the stage. Despite several attempts, all lone female Ayda Williams could say is: “ Dalton… I’ll see you in the finals!”

Co-creator of the show and lead judge Simon Cowell paid Harris the ultimate compliment.

“Yeah, that was just the best performance we have had on X Factor so far,” he declared, which left Harris sobbing.

“Every week Louis tells me how nervous you are and you’re not aware how good you are. What we just witnessed there is… when you’ve got a great song and someone reinterprets it in their own way with passion. I would love to send that song to whoever wrote it. I’m thrilled for you,” said Cowell.

Tomlinson also has Harris for the finals

“Dalton, I would be so shocked if you weren’t in the finals. You are absolutely incredible and I’m so, so proud every single week you perform. You are brilliant and let me tell you forget about not having confidence because you are incredible, mate.”

Renowned record producer Niles Rodgers, who continues to sit in for regular judge Robbie Williams who was again off the show this week to fulfil performance obligations, also was pleased with Harris’ performance.

“Dalton you understand what it’s all about. Your technique, your interpretation, your precision… you are an artiste, Brother.”

Last week Harris took to social media posting his thoughts on the performance ahead.

“It has been a most difficult week. I struggle sometimes with believing in my ability to sing some days but for every day that I feel I had to fight, I made sure to revisit and conquer those thoughts and fears. Tonight was one of those days and nights. I decided to conquer the negative. The negative that said I was not worthy, good enough or being just me,” he posted on Facebook.

Yesterday’s performance show was dubbed Big Band Night and saw the eight contestants performing along with a 30-piece orchestra.

Later today Harris will know whether or not his performance, and, most importantly, the votes were able to take him through to the top six in this year’s competition and ultimately next week’s semifinals.

The finals of X Factor UK is set for December 1.

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