Sanchez “Humbled” By Road Named In His Honor

The community of Park Lane, off Red Hills Road, has been given a makeover of sorts with spanking new signposts proudly showing off the names of roads which were previously unnamed. And, best of all, the roads now have names like Sanchez Drive, Lizard Road, Flourgon Way, Red Dragon Path, Fabby Dolly Way and Sultan Way – a nod to the awesome artistes who have called Park Lane home.

It was quite a celebration on Sunday evening as Park Lane came alive when all of these artistes, along with a host of government officials, including Culture Minister Olivia Grange, Councillor Lee Clarke and Councillor Patrick Roberts toured the area to officially unveil the road names.

Proud community members came out in full force to witness this momentous occasion, cheering loudly as each artiste took pleasure in climbing up on a ladder and ripping the covering off the sign that had his name.

For Kevin Jackson, more popularly known as ‘Sanchez’, it was a moment of great joy and humility.

“This is such a wonderful feeling. I am honoured, I am blessed and I am humbled,” he said.

Sanchez, who performed at the ceremony, which also saw the unveiling of a plaque in honour of Merritone, stated that he was very happy to read an interview quoting Clarke as saying that this Park Lane heritage site is being created to show the artistes and musicians just how much they are respected.

The site project is the brainchild of Clarke, in partnership with the National Heritage Trust and the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation.

Source: Sanchez “humbled” by road named in his honour | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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