Samantha J Breaks Silence On Horrific Falling Accident

Samantha J Breaks Silence On Horrific Falling AccidentSamantha J has opened up about her near career-ending accident which left her with a broken jaw and several other injuries.

The Jamaican singer recently sat down with The Fix for an interview where she revealed details of her horrific stairs fall in Belize, which left her a broken jaw and teeth, a fractured wrist, and several fractured ribs.

The “Tight Skirt” singer revealed that she remembers everything from the fall, exept for how it exactly happened. She said she was walking down the flight of stairs from her room when she suddenly “just feel mi body just fall forward.”

Samantha J detailed the impact and subsequent pain she experienced.

“I honestly thought i was gonna die cuz when i reach the bottom of the stairs mi couldn’t move, mi couldn’t talk,” she disclosed.

The singer, whose real name is Samantha Gonsalves, was also quick to dismiss conspiracy theories claiming her injuries were actually the result of domestic violence or her vegan lifestyle. However, the entertainer simply laughed them off as ridiculous.

The 22-year-old star is gearing up for a strong finish to the year after the release of several new collaborations including tracks with Gyptian and Tommy Lee.

Source: Samantha J Breaks Silence On Horrific Falling Accident

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