Rygin King Salutes The ‘Stepping Razor’ – Says He Would Remake Peter Tosh’s ‘Old Vampire’

Dancehall’s newest sensation Rygin King, one of the top entertainers lined up for tomorrow’s Peter Tosh Tribute Concert, said he became aware of the legendary artiste by chance.

“I heard his music through the wind while walking in my community. These lyrics, ‘If you live inna glass house, don’t throw stones’, was playing somewhere,” Rygin King said.

“That line alone made me want to check out who was singing dis yah big, bad song, and I was told it was Peter Tosh. So I looked him up to discover more of his catalogue and who this man was,” he added.

Peter Tosh, who, along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer formed reggae band The Wailers, is considered a giant of Jamaican music. The artiste, known for songs such as Legalize It and Equal Rights, was in murdered at his home 1987. He would have celebrated his 74th birthday today.

Rygin King says that when it comes on to Jamaica, Tosh, who was conferred the country’s third highest honour, the Order of Merit, in 2012, has not been given the credit he deserves, while in other countries, he is looked at like a hero.

“Peter Tosh is larger than Jamaica. You can’t hide from Jah, and Peter Tosh music is Jah music. Once the youths seek, then them shall find,” Rygin King said.

The Tuff deejay said that if he had the opportunity to collaborate with Peter Tosh or remake one of his songs, he would choose the 1987 release Old Vampire.

“It is licking out on the people who are oppressing the poor and the youths,” he said.

The Peter Tosh Tribute Concert is to be held at the Pulse Complex on Trafalgar Road. Next to Dre Tosh, Rygin King is the youngest act. Both are 24 years old.

“I feel honoured, and it’s a privilege to be considered to appear on the festival to pay tribute to the memory of a freedom fighter and a world music legend,” Rygin King said.

Rygin King says he has “no feelings about being the youngest and only hardcore dancehall artiste” on the show. “That is like putting myself in a box.”

With regard to plans for his performance, Rygin King says “the world needs to come out and see” because it will definitely be a sight not worth missing.

In addition to Rygin King, the likes of Jesse Royal, Jah 9, Etana, Bush Man, Jah Cure and Luciano will be on the show. Chris Martin will do a remake of Tosh’s classic Steppin Razor, while Dre Tosh will perform in honour of his grandfather.

According to festival organiser Kingsley Cooper, the selection of artistes was a deliberate part of the changes being made to the concert.

“The team was very pleased with last year’s event great acts, quality, and even memorable performances. However, this year, we are having fewer acts that will do full sets of their own music, with one or two Peter Tosh songs included, as well as younger acts,” Cooper said.

Source: Rygin King salutes the ‘Stepping Razor’ – Says he would remake Peter Tosh’s ‘Old Vampire’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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