Rygin King Dismisses Scamming Rumors Reveals How He Makes Real Money

Rygin King djRygin King says he is not a scammer, but he has a reputable business venture that generates a lot of income.

Rygin King recently claps back at a fan for suggesting that he is a scammer and then he revealed his massive farm in the countryside which is bringing some extra dough for him. Regardless of your feelings towards the young dancehall star, you can’t knock his hustle. He is now a well-established artist so some fans may wonder why is he farming.

King went on Instagram Live recently to share some footage of his farm with his fans, so clearly, he is a proud farmer. “You see how me clean and me in a me owner farm and we just doing the right thing,” Rygin King said. “So me a tell the people them say a the life of living. Me deh here on a Tuesday afternoon and you done know we a look on greatness same way, yo see me, strive a whole heepa life deh here. Whole heepa life me see in a the farm.”

Rygin King then showcased his chickens, pigs, and ducks running around on his farm. He even showcased a talking parrot who seems to be a bit shy for the camera. Since breaking onto the dancehall scene and being from Montego Bay, King has been labeled a scammer. Other artists from Montego Bay, including Tommy Lee Sparta, also faced with the same rumors. In fact, Tommy Lee currently has a pending court case relating to the lottery scam.

Source: Rygin King Dismisses Scamming Rumors Reveals How He Makes Real Money – Urban Islandz

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