One Third Supports Dalton

Image result for dalton harris x factorJAMAICAN X Factor UK contestant Dalton Harris on Saturday used his performance as motivation for young artistes around the world to follow their dream.

He took to his Instagram page shortly after and echoed that sentiment.

I realised a while back that there is a greater purpose to life than stardom or the celebrity behaviour. This platform is a blessing to help heal even one broken or injured soul and inspire minds and thoughts however the universe sees fit. We all do it for ourselves, but it is ultimately for you. Thank you.”

“ I am sitting here with a full heart and a focused mind. I have always been a student of life and music. Always more power to everyone. We all are human, but let us all step out of ourselves and inspire someone. It is easier than you think if you genuinely want to make a change. Thank you again,” Harris posted.

Meanwhile, vocal trio One Third is throwing all their support behind fellow Digicel Rising Stars alum as he progresses in the current season of X Factor UK.

The members of the group were nothing short of estatic as they heaped commendations on Harris, who won the local competition in 2010 four years after their win in 2006.

“I want him to win. I want him fi win, mi jus’ want him win,” said group member Miguel Walters.

It’s just great to see someone from the competition holding up the Jamaican flag on the international stage. It is such a shame that it took that competition to see and know he’s not doing anything differently. Dalton has always been a wicked vocalist. But mi jus’ glad that he is up doing his thing. he is like the Usain Bolt of music right now. When him done with X Factor people will be coming to Jamaica just to see him perform,” Al Johnson remarked.

“I get the impression that, internationally people look at us as just patois and reggae and dancehall; they dont see us as having real world-class singers. So, to know that Dalton is showing the world this side of Jamaica…. Yute tek it and gwaan do road,” third member Adrian Campbell chimed in.

Source: One Third supports Dalton

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