Mello Vibes With Korexion

Canada-based singer Korexion believes having a Jamaican presence will enhance his career. The Juno Award winner is due in the island next week to perform on Mello FM’s road tour. He will also attend the Jamaica Music Conference and record new material with local producers.

“It’s important to have a presence in Jamaica because if I can get my songs promoted there, then they stand a greater chance of getting international attention. Remember also that the island plays an important part in the music industry worldwide and it’s known for creating some of the world’s biggest reggae and dancehall hits which have influenced so many other genres of music and artistes,” said Korexion.

He is currently promoting his latest single My Vows, which he co-produced with Orville Malcolm.

“The song is a story about a woman who changed the life of a man who had a broken heart, and who is now happy being with her,” he explained.

Originally from Spanish Town, Korexion (given name Keipher Scott) grew up in Trench Town. He migrated to Toronto just over 10 years ago.

In 2007, he won Best Reggae Recording of the Year for X-Rated at the Juno Awards, Canada’s equivalent to the Grammys.

“Winning the Juno Award has helped to propel my music career. I have received airplay in places that were not previously keen on promoting reggae music. So, a lot of doors were opened and a lot of work also came my way,” he said.

AMayzn preaches Loyalty

For as long as he can remember, deejay A Mayzn had a passion for music. Born in St Thomas and raised in St Ann, he currently lives in Canada.

“Growing up listening to artistes like Vybz Kartel and the entire music culture pertaining to dancehall and rap music, I always dreamt of merging both genres, to bring a unique new sound to the game,” A Mazyn shared.

The artiste, whose given name is Andre Thompson, has just released the song Loyalty, which features Shawn Storm.

His previous songs include More Pon More, Meditation (featuring Devonte Mood), Rising and Too Sure. Though most of his tracks are self-produced, he has worked with producers Dunwell Productions and Steendon.

Thirty-one year-old A Mayzn made his recording debut in 2000 while living in Morant Bay, St Thomas. Ten years later, he produced a rhythm called Street Life which featured songs by Zamunda, Ray Myrdak and Fyah Stick, among others.

Five years ago, he released the EP New Beginning.

“My music brings happiness to our energy and that vibes with the soul. I’m here to bring more self-awareness in people’s lives, showing them they do not need anyone to make them happy or feel good about themselves. Go for what you dream of and do what you want in life,” he reasoned.

Bobo Omar rides the Train Line to peace

Five months after he released the Out of Control album, producer Bobo Omar is still promoting the 13-song project. Some of its songs, such as When it Gonna Stop by Ancient Warrior, bemoan Jamaica’s crime situation.

Bobo Omar, who has lived in New York City for over 20 years, produced the songs on his Train Line rhythm. Out of Control is marketed by One Tree Records, a company he started in 2002.

He keeps in tune with current affairs in Jamaica through social media, and often visits his hometown of Linstead, St Catherine.

“I’m well aware (of developments in Jamaica) and follow the crime situation very keenly because I have family and friends there. I do business in Jamaica and it will always be my home,” he told this column.

Out of Control contains songs by several artistes from Linstead including Ancient Warrior, Kananga and Don G. Busy Signal is the best known act on the compilation album with the song Won’t Stop Now which he does with Mr Diamond.

Bobo Omar (given name Omar Phillips) was initially a show promoter but moved into music production 16 years ago with One Tree Records. He recorded the Train Line five years ago with keyboardist Paul “Wrong Move” Crossdale and bassist Donald Dennis of the Firehouse Crew, and drummer Kirk Bennett.

Source: Mello vibes with Korexion

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