Jah Cure Ghostwriter Exposed Him For Not Crediting And Paying Her

Jah Cure reggaeJah Cure gets exposed by his ghostwriter after she claimed that the singer never credits and never pay her for her work.

In case you’re among the many of us who thinks that Jah Cure writes all of his songs, then think again. The “Unconditional Love” singer is getting some heat inside the Jamaican music space right now after songwriter Tamara John, also known as Lady Stone, went on a social media rant about writing songs for him and not getting proper credit and compensation.

In a video posted on her social media page, John revealed that she wrote “Rotten Souls” for Jah Cure, which appeared on DJ Frass new album Road To Success. Cure was listed on the single as the writer and Frass the producer, but John is now saying that she wrote the track. She noted that DJ Frass contacted her along with the head of VP Records to try and hash things out.

As for Jah Cure, he did not deny that John wrote the song but added that he didn’t put the song on his album, and instead gave it to DJ Frass. “I worked with her and I didn’t put the record out on my album,” Cure said. “But I give the record to DJ Frass and I give DJ Frass all the information for the young lady, and DJ Frass didn’t put the young lady information on the programme on time.”

According to Tamara John, she spoke with Jah Cure’s publisher, and they told her that the singer didn’t forward her name as the song’s writer. “Jah Cure’s publisher is the one that placed him as the songwriter because he never sent her my information,” John said. “He was responsible for that because I never dealt with anyone but Jah Cure, which means I never gave anyone information to have the song registered under my name but Jah Cure. She told me she was never sent my information, so she assumed he wrote the song, him an someone else, the person who they’ve currently registered as the songwriter for the song.”

Source: Jah Cure Ghostwriter Exposed Him For Not Crediting and Paying Her – Urban Islandz

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