Ishawna Shares Why Her Skin Is Glowing

Ishawna has tips for her fans who want their skin to glow like hers.

The “Slippery When Wet” star recently took to Instagram to share the secret behind her absolutely amazing skin.

“I haven’t been using anything on my skin however i did make some adjustments to my diet. I’ve only been consuming seafood, chicken, veggies, fruits, water & coconut water. I’m a lowkey alcoholic so I couldn’t give up liquor especially red wine but that’s basically it. I don’t know why my skin is glowing…maybe it’s caused from minding my business,” the star said.

It seems the entertainer’s advice resonated well with some fans as she mostly received positive feedback.

Minding your business can actually produce all kinds of glow ups…try it and y’all will see🤗😁,” one fan commented while another added, “Ishawna never fails 😁 minding your own business makes the skin glows.”

However, the star did receive some shade from fans as one fan cheekily commented ” Looks like regular bleaching to me.. I don’t get what’s e fuss is abt,” while another trolled “It’s those glutathione shots😐 lemme mind my biniz😐.”

In recent weeks the “Restraining Order” star had sparked allegations that she went underwent plastic surgery after returning from a social media hiatus looking a bit thicker.

Ishawna is currently busy promoting her latest single “Bruck It Off,” which has been receiving solid feedback since it’s release.


Source: Ishawna Shares Why Her Skin Is Glowing | The Tropixs

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