Vybz Kartel Is Not Ungrateful – Bounty Killer Humbled After Deejay Expresses Gratitude

Although Vybz Kartel and Bounty Killer have had their differences in the past, especially after the ‘Fever’ deejay left Alliance to form his Portmore Empire, the relationship between the two seems to be on the mend.

This comes after a clip described as a ‘life changing moment’ was shared on the incarcerated entertainer’s Instagram page, in which he paid tribute to Bounty Killer for calling him on stage to perform for the first time.

“#tbt 18 years ago! What a #lifechanging mi General @grunggaadzilla,” the caption under the video read.

Looking back at the moment, Bounty Killer, who said that he brought Kartel on stage at an event in Skateland, Half-Way Tree, and Reloaded in Fort Clarence in 2000 during the infancy of deejay’s career, said he is very grateful for the gratitude that Fever deejay has shown.

“Being at the pinnacle of his career, not all of us can be humbled that way and pay homage. When riding high some felt it’s gonna take away something or make them look small or whatever. But despite all we been through and for him to publicly declaring that 18 years after, he didn’t have to,” Bounty Killer told THE STAR.


He also commended Vybz Kartel for the move, especially since most people already knew that he was the one who brought the deejay to the forefront. In the same breath, he chastised other artistes whom he helped get their big break in the music.

“Some of them wouldn’t mind if people didn’t remember is me bring them public because to how them hype and cocky you wouldn’t believe is somebody did help them at all. But any farmer who doesn’t want to teach another man to farm is not a real farmer, but instead a informer,” Bounty said.

And having been the one responsible for introducing more than a dozen artistes to dancehall, Bounty said that it’s very important in any field of work to help others to preserve the craftsmanship for the future generation.

Motivated by the struggles that he faced growing up in the ghetto, where opportunities were minimal, he noted that it is important to help others overcome the challenges that they may be facing.

“We had to help and create for our fellow ghetto brothers and sisters because the government won’t,” he explained.

“It was Boom Dandimite who encouraged me to come to the studio with him, and I got the break, so I couldn’t leave my friends because that’s the philosophy of ghetto youths at that time. If I got in, I shall leave the door open, so that’s what I did, kick open the door for other ghetto youths.”

After singing, Fed Up, he was given the title of ‘Poor People Governor’. As the name stuck on him, those who wanted to do music would turn to him.

“All these youths started to find me asking me to help them to get a break, so I just helped who I could at the time. That’s how Scare Dem (Crew) and Alliance came into play,” he told THE STAR.

Source: Vybz Kartel is not ungrateful – Bounty Killer humbled after deejay expresses gratitude | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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