Twin of Twins hopes to encourage the less fortunate with ‘Stir It Up’

After dancehall duo Twin of Twins released volume 10 of the hugely popular Stir It Up series in 2013, Volume 11 did not come out until four years later. Patrick ‘Curly Loxx’ Gaynor told The Gleaner that during the hiatus, he was going through some personal issues which attributed to the long delay.

“The last Stir volume was after a four-year break because mi a guh through reclaiming my life from the people who manipulate emotions. There was a four years hiatus and people nearly mad,” he said.

He continued, “There is a lot of time that mi feel like mi a guh give up or quit or mi ago lowe it and done wid it,” he noted.

But having returned with Stir it Up Volume 11- Family last year, he explains that the fictitious story which imitates the voices of some popular personalities in Jamaica, reflects some of the things that he endured.


Inspired by life

Stir it Up Volume 11, it was inspired by my life when I was coming up the minority. I was a part of that minority, that inspired my ‘Bingy Roy’ character,” he said.

But, motivated by the desire to encourage persons to overcome some of the struggles that they may be facing, Gaynor promises that there will be more frequent releases of the series that the fans have been yearning for, especially with his own film- production company Voice Boxx Studios.

“It is life. It is everything that is around me it is the social imbalance, it is highlighting the injustice that I came out of,” he said.

“There are certain people out there who need a certain type of representation as I did. I needed that beacon of hope, suh mi promise myself say mi woulda be dat beacon of hope fi the minority,” Gaynor explains.

With the release of Stir it Volume 111/2 on September 7 titled; Mawga Dog , one of two teasers in the lead up to Stir It Volume 12.

Scheduled to run for over 40 minutes, the “audio movie”,’ as he calls it, will add to the series that has become so important to their fans.

“Weh mi want people fi take away from it is that it stay real, it stay authentic, and it showcase your struggles, and it encourages you to rise above those struggles,” he said.

Noting that making skits bears some similarities to the creation of a music album, he explains that they both pull from reality.

“It is the same as art imitating life, but on a deeper level. It tek a lot more to do to make it manifest,” Gaynor revealed.

” I don’t create the image that I show, a writer’s only talent is the ability to put a certain image in a certain way that makes it palatable or fun,” he explained.

Source: Twin of Twins hopes to encourage the less fortunate with ‘Stir It Up’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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