Rygin King Stole My Style – Blacksan Says He Is The Real ‘Trap King’

CPR Squad member Blacksan, or Jamaican 69, as many persons have started to call him because of his multicoloured hairstyle, wants Rygin King to stop referring to himself as the ‘Trap King’.

He claims that he is the rightful ruler of the genre.

“Mi a di Trap King, any other king is a Burger King,” Blacksan told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Fusing trap and dancehall music, which he calls ‘traphall,’ he said Rygin King and other artistes who watch his videos and copy his style.

“Him thief mi style. Yuh know di wul trap thing a my style, is a genre weh me do and mi mix dancehall with trap suh basically is a Migos head pon a Kartel body. A dat new genre deh mi a push. Him just say a trap him a trap. Him just a say di word but the type of music? Him nah dweet,” he said.

And if Rygin King does not stop using the royal title, Blacksan said he has no choice but to challenge the fast rising artiste to a lyrical feud.

“Wi affi tek it musically, cause wi nah tek it physically but musically, him affi put dung dah style deh and yuh know Jamaica style overall, if mi no kill yu, yu nah guh let it go,” he said.

Admitting that 99 per cent of dancehall will ‘diss’ him because of the way he looks, he said he is prepared for the backlash.

“Dem a go try style mi, mi prepare fi di diss and mi a go diss dem back too, cause mi a go nice up dancehall,” he said.

At 24, Blacksan, given name Dane Dawson, also claimed to have never sought formal employment but is still able to show off large stacks of money.

“The same money weh fi inna my career, it same one a spend. Suh instead mi bank it, mi just flex wid it and know say tomorrow, mi affi recuperate back more money cause mi affi walk wid at least $200,000 or $300,000 pon mi every day because a di type of life of trap.”

And although his ‘rainbow’ hairstyle is similar to US rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine, he claims that he has been doing it for years.

“A mi attitude, a mi personality, from mi a likkle yute mi eva a colour mi hair 10 different colour, all different extension. Mi a put in extension before Kartel put it on, but when mi a put it in dem call it braid and when the general come put it in, dem say a extension. A style and when mi drop it back, dem seh watch how him a follow Kartel, no! A mi set it,” he said.

Efforts to get a comment from Rygin King or members of his team proved futile.

Source: Rygin King stole my style – Blacksan says he is the real ‘Trap King’ | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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