Foota Hype And Marlon Samuels Going At It Again

Ever since Ishawna the dancehall artiste became Foota Hype’s ex and Marlon Samuels has started showing interest in her, both men have been attacking each other verbally on Social Media.

The dancehall selector “Foota” says he thinks Marlon the cricketer is an attention seeker and this would mean that he is using the situation to get persons to talk about him.

However, Marlon says Foota has been sending him messages on Instagram that would suggest that he is not happy to see Marlon with his ex. He believes Foota felt very bad after he was the love interest for Ishawna when she did a raunchy video “Instaboy” for her new song recently.

But Foota says he doesn’t care about her, but he thinks Marlon is upset because he praised Chris Gayle when he saw the Bentley that the famous Cricketer had bought.

This could be true as Samuels has said Foota is trying to create problems between him and another cricketer and he won’t mention any names.

However Samuels has added artiste to his resume and noe he has released a diss track that is seen as an attack on Foota.

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