Raine Seville, Daughter To Premiere Video On Independence Day

Dancehall and reggae artiste Raine Seville will be releasing a brand new project which features her daughter Layla-Rei on Independence Day.

The song, Big Up Jamaica, is an ode of sorts to the birthplace of the mother-daughter duo.

Speaking with THE WEEKEND STAR, Raine explained that the song’s release is timely, as the message is perfect for Independence.

She said the track celebrates all that is good about her country and is her first production with her newly formed label, Seville Records.

Raine expressed how important it was that she produced the song, as it will serve as her daughter’s official introduction to music.

“I was excited to see how excited she was about it and that made it even better for me. That’s why I decided that I needed to produce it. It’s her first official project and I needed it to be under my label, because this is our moment, our accomplishment to share as mother and daughter,” she said. “It was extremely exciting … she has the natural talent, she comes from a musical family, so it’s in her. Her being in studio, it was like she was a natural.”

Raine said that US star Childish Gambino came out with a song called This Is America and it was Layla-Rei who suggested they do a song about Jamaica.

“And that is how the whole idea came to me,” she said. “I thought about the Sister Nancy, Bam Bam riddim and the whole concept just flowed from there, and I said, ‘Layla, let’s try this, let’s do it on Instagram and see the reaction we get from it’.”

With her adorable daughter already a favourite among social media users, it was no surprise the post became one of the most popular videos on Instagram.

“It was just a verse and a chorus and I posted it, and it’s my most viewed video clip on my Instagram and it got a whole lot of reposts on a whole heap a blogs; the comments were crazy. People were commenting and saying, ‘Raine, you and your daughter need to make this official song’. I said OK, cool, and I started considering making it official,” she said.

With Jamaica celebrating its 56th Independence on Monday, Raine said the track is timely and comes as a great reminder that Jamaica is a beautiful place.

“Layla-Rei singing that Jamaica is her sweet island and she nah give it up for nowhere in the world made me proud,” she said. “It was important for her to sing on a topic like this because it’s educating her and it’s educating people her age group about Jamaica.”

Source: Raine Seville, daughter to premiere video on Independence Day | Entertainment | Jamaica Star


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