Stewed Chicken And White Rice – Shenseea Cooks Her Favorite

Shenseea enjoys the culinary craft, although she complains that she does not get enough time to practise it and it is often difficult to create a good meal while touring. The Body Good artiste said when she has access to a kitchen she makes a variety of items, but her go-to dish is her favourite – stewed chicken with white rice.

“Of course, other dishes like oxtail and stew peas produce good gravy, but stew chicken and/or curried chicken are faster,” Shenseea said, while expressing that she does not have the patience all the time to make the others. “I am also not good at making fried dumpling and I have spoiled fried fish many a time – the skin always come off . And as for the dumpling, the outside did well tough while the inside raw (uncooked),” she told The STAR.

Shenseea is used to having an automatic cooker to prepare rice, but on the day when she put her skills on show for The STAR there was none around. The STAR of the Month quickly announced “if ah anything mi might spoil today is the rice. It’s been a long time since I have cooked it in a pot on a stove top.”

The team enters a pristine kitchen where the artiste is cutting the chicken into smaller pieces, clutching the large stainless steel knife quite skilfully but putting much force into the chops.

After cutting the chicken, fresh seasonings and ground provisions (Irish potatoes and carrots), she ensures to clean up each time.

Shenseea said she learned to cook most dishes from family members. “My mother is a great cook and so is my aunt. But my aunt would be the one that taught me about keeping the kitchen clean at the same time,” Shenseea said.

She explained that she usually does her meat prepping ahead of cooking in order for the seasonings

to marinate, but in the interest of time let it stand for about 15 minutes this time.

“I love pepper, so about three or so going in it, seeds and all,” Shenseea said. In no time the pots are bubbling and the smell of the spices, most prominently the Scotch bonnet,

fill the kitchen at the Romeich Entertainment base. She cannot resist the smell of her own creation much longer and grabs a spoon to taste the gravy and then a piece of the chicken, which she uses to tease all the hungry bellies. “It soon finish cook. We just waiting for the gravy to go down likkle more,” Shenseea promises.

Everyone realises the rice (in which she added Chiffon margarine and a clove of garlic) is just right, as Shenseea lets a sigh of relief almost as though she was holding her breath the entire time. The food is shared and the kitchen goes silent; everyone is deep in his or her dish enjoying the meal.

Shenseea adds another dash of pepper sauce and begins eating too.

Jade McGhie, publicist at Romeich Entertainment goes for seconds hinting that her review of the stew chicken and white rice is an obvious five stars.

Source: STAR of the Month: Stewed chicken and white rice – Shenseea cooks her favourite | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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