Kartel’s Appeal: The Pros And Cons

The new evidence that has been accepted in the court is a good thing and it causes the lawyers and the accused in the Kartel murder case to be upbeat. The appeal court is all about the law and if it was applied to the trial process in the right way, it is rear that the appeal court does what it did in this case, as new evidence was admitted.

The evidence that was entered in the court before was electronic evidence, GPS evidence and voice notes. The Court of Appeal will determine if the evidence was used in the right way or they might decide that there was a miscarriage of justice.

The Court of Appeal can make three decisions after the trial, there can be a decision to acquit and the accused persons will go home. A decision can be made to order a retrial and an accused person might fail in the trial and they are then remanded in custody and they will serve the rest of their sentence.

A three week trial in the appeal court can lead to a waiting period of 10 months before final decisions are made, as the courts in Jamaica are slow.

Source: Kartel’s Appeal: the Pros and Cons | | yardhype.com

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