‘I’m Sorry’ – Jah Cure Apologies For Bashing Selectors

Reggae star Jah Cure has apologised for derogatory comments he made about the local selector community.

Popular selector Tony Matterhorn, who in his own Instagram post demanded an apology within a certain time, later posted that the entertainer had indeed apologised yesterday.

“Big up to Jah Cure and thanks for the apology on behalf of the sound fraternity. We respect that, you stood up and be the big man,” he said.

Matterhorn reasoned, however, that some selectors would not accept the apology but that’s what they asked for so “Unnu live with it”.

He also showered praise on Jah Cure, saying he was one of the greatest dancehall/reggae singers.

“More life, more blessings to you and your loved ones. And big up yuhself same way,” he continued.

He then promised to post Jah Cure’s statement at a later time.

The apology came after at least three videos of the reggae artiste lambasting the ‘sound clash fraternity’ for being ‘cheap’ and ‘waste men’, were made public.

Selectors threaten to boycott

This propelled many selectors to threaten to boycott Jah Cure’s music.

As the clips made their way through social media channels, there have come reports of selectors deleting Jah Cure’s songs from their playlists.

In one video, the Risk It All singer said: “Matter of fact, all sound bwoy – s*ck unu madda. Me name Jah Cure. Mi rich. More than three quarter ah unu friend dem inna di industry – (expletive) mi nuh need dubplate money fi live!”

Before Jah Cure privated his page, in another video he said: “Sound clash fraternity have the most waste man. Unu cheap and cyaan even afford artiste, unu talk bout boycott. (Expletive), Mi rich, mi nuh need unu. Memba mi tell yuh, all ah unu who mek video, mi respect unu fi it. Mi ah guh si how long unu ah guh escape without beating. How dem cheap sound bwoy ah disrespect ’bout boycott? Mi nuh need unu.”

Selector Chris Dymond posted his own video, expressing that while he and Jah Cure had no issues, the artiste was disrespectful to him and his job.

He said he was offended by the ‘mother’ comments.

“It means he thinks of us as garbage, scum on the Earth. Him cyaan do that. Mi nuh wah nuh Jah Cure song in my laptop again. Yuh nah see back nuh Jah Cure. Every selector across the world ah delete song off them laptop and post ah video. Mi cyaan play yuh music if yuh nuh respect mi,” Dymond said.

He also defended his profession, saying persons regularly talk down to selectors, and belittle their contribution.

“And the first thing is, we ah get beatin’. Is we outta road a night time ah get most abuse from everybody. Police a harass we, promoter ah owe we money … I don’t know what happened, but him cyaan generalise. Joke ting dat,” Dymond continued.

Source: ‘I’m sorry’ – Jah Cure apologises for bashing selectors | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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