Beenie Man Tries To Walk Back Popcaan Diss

Beenie Man attempts to walk back dissing Popcaan and his mother in a video that went viral this week.

The dancehall legend release a video explaining what really took place in Trinidad when he told Popcaan to bleep his mother. Not surprisingly, his comment didn’t go down so well with most dancehall fans and he prompted a response from the Unruly Boss and Drake, who defended his Jamaican friend. Beenie continues to get hammered over the statement so he released the below video explaining himself.

“We were having a conversation about whoever goes to shop from who never go to a shop,” Beenie Man said. “So the line in a Popcaan song that says ‘them no know when we buy three sardines and one pound a rice from shop’ that was the conversation. Me never call Popcaan no pu**y, I just told the man that we were having the conversation with say pu**y yo never go a shop yet, that was all.”

Beenie Man is pretty much saying that he was telling the person he was having the conversation with to bleep their mother and not Popcaan. He says he was just using the Popcaan line as a reference. The Doc didn’t apologize for the statement and Poppy is still fuming about it because he feels like the dancehall icon disrespected his mother.

Fellow dancehall stars Shenseea and Christopher Martin were in his presence at the time he made the controversial statement, and both of them have remained silent. Watch the original video below.

Source: Beenie Man Tries To Walk Back Popcaan Diss – Urban Islandz

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