Wicked And Evil Rumours – Razor B And RRE Deny Sexual Relationship

Dancehall artistes Razor B and RRE are disgusted by a rumour that the two are in an affair.

An Instagram post earlier this week caught some attention when it claimed, among other things, that the entertainers were sexually involved.

However, the pair, who were on tour in Germany last week, say they long for the day when a male and female entertainer can work together without people speculating about the relationship.

In an interview with The STAR, an annoyed RRE said she has been faced with these kinds of rumours all her career and has become numb to the negativity.

She said there is nothing going on between her and Razor B as they are both in committed relationships.

“It’s not the first and won’t be the last … people just wicked and evil yah and crave attention and mix-up,” she said. “I am in a very committed relationship. Razor B and I are great friends. I know his wife and family and he knows my significant other as well and we have a tremendous amount of respect for each other.”

Razor B also denied the rumours and said fabricated stories are a big part of the problem facing female entertainers.

Both he and RRE expressed that many aspiring female artistes are hesitant about working with their male counterparts even though it may be good for their careers.

They believe some women would rather go the difficult road alone than partner with a male entertainer out of fear of being ‘paired up’ with them.


“Females in the industry have it hard and based on what some are doing, everyone gets categorised and classed. It (the rumours and slut shaming) makes you fear wanting to do an authentic collaboration out of fear of being labelled as being together. A time must come when we can come together and not try couple up people cause dem parr and promote each other,” RRE said.

Razor B added: “People who always make up these stories don’t respect female artistes and their hustle. Give the ladies more credit. We have some very talented female artistes out there and not everyone a f**k fi buss.”

Both entertainers are calling on Jamaica to build their female entertainers instead of tearing them down.

They say too much time is spent talking about who is sleeping with who and not enough on supporting the industry and the creative minds grooming it.

“I did a great deed over the Christmas. I took 25 girls from an all-girls home on a road tour, gave them dance classes, took them to the studio and went shopping, and dat nuh highlight,” RRE said.

She noted that many female artistes are doing well. Spice, for example, is going mainstream on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, but people prefer to accuse her of selling out Jamaica and criticising her ‘twang’.

“The reality is she has to speak for the masses to understand,” she said. “Our culture feeds off mix-up and it needs to change. My craft is not built on controversy and if it a go tek mi years fi buss the real and proper way, I prefer do that.”

Source: Wicked and evil rumours – Razor B and RRE deny sexual relationship | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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