Konshens kick-Started Career Making Japanese Dubplates

The usually celebrated trajectory of a dancehall artiste’s career is that they ‘buss ah yaad before abroad’.

This is not the case for STAR of the Month Konshens. Rather than measuring musical success with a song placing on an international chart, the Big Belly singer saw success in dubplates.

Whereas other aspiring dancehall artistes got their start roving through street parties and building their presence outside established recording studios, Konshens and his late brother, Delus, caught the attention of the Japanese dancehall audience before Jamaican ears tuned in.

“The first song weh we do that I would say is a hit song is a song weh hit inna Japan before even Jamaica. When people in Sherlock (the St Andrew inner-city community from which he hails) don’t know we as artiste, nobody inna Jamaica never know we as artiste,” Konshens told THE STAR.

Then, in a duo with Delus under the group name Sojah, he released a song called Pon Di Corner, which was recorded by Cash Flow Records in 2005.

For Konshens, the first sign of potentially achieving success in the music industry came from Japanese disc jockeys and others submitting requests for Pon Di Corner dubplates.

“We realise seh the Japanese did a come fi dubplate. At that time, me did still a work at the health lab,” he said. “Mi ah work at health lab and a get 20 grand fi mi pay for the month, and a dubplate a come for two minutes and is 20 grand fi di dub. Mi ah seh ‘eee?’Mi ah guh low health lab and do more dub. So that was really the song that I would say is a hit song,” he said.

Source: STAR of the Month: Konshens kick-started career making Japanese dubplates | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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