Tasha T Spreads Love On New Single

Canadian reggae artiste Tasha T recently released the single ‘Spread Some Love’, which has been creating waves locally and internationally.

In the song, Tasha T explicitly speaks about the gun violence and that we need to employ love instead for the sake of our children.

“I wrote this song to promote peace and love to the people of the world, to educate the listeners about what is occurring now, and how violence affects all of our citizens. Love is the answer and love is the only way for the world to live in peace and harmony,” she said.

Tasha T will be trekking across Africa for her Spread Some Love tour, which started on October 27 and ends on November 30.

The reggae artiste recently won Top Reggae Artiste at the Caribbean Music & Entertainment Awards Show. She has received a Peabo Awards nomination for Female Singer for the Year and Entertainer for the Year; that award show takes place later this month.

Source: Tasha T spreads love on new single | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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