Sophia Brown Recovers From Surgery

Reggae singer Sophia Brown is on the road to recovery after undergoing surgery on her left knee earlier this month. The singer, who celebrated her 46th birthday last Friday, says despite being in immense pain, she is grateful for life. Brown was involved in a near-tragic motor vehicle accident in the United States back in July.

While pointing out that she now appreciates life a lot more, Brown admitted that the recent spate of misfortunes had her going through a period of frustration. The singer said having dedicated years to getting her career off the ground, she had finally begun to reap the benefits of her hard work when the accident slowed her down tremendously. The singer told The Gleaner that since July, she has had to cut back on performances, and lamented that not being able to do what she loves has been rough.

“It’s very painful when your fans, promoters want to hire you and you have to turn it down. It’s not a good feeling, but I have to follow the direction of the doctors taking care of me, because they are doing a good job,” she said. “Not putting out an album for five years and then when finally you do, everything gets cut away. It’s like you fail yourself, your team and the fans who waited and remained loyal.”

Brown says although she would love to jump right back into the thick of things, she has to give herself time to heal. She is three weeks into physical therapy, where she is learning to walk again without the assistance of a cane.

The singer is hoping to make her return to the stage in February, but says in the meantime, while recovering, she will be busy writing and hopefully recording. Pointing out that she’s a little less frustrated these days, the entertainer took the time to thank her support team.

“Having doubts in your mind about your life and your career isn’t a good feeling, but when you have kids, family and friends like I do, the stronger side of you allows you to stay focused no matter how much you feel like giving up,” she explained. “I am happy that I haven’t allowed my frustration to get the better of me. I just celebrated my 46th birthday and I am looking forward to many more.”

Source: Sophia Brown recovers from surgery | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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