Jah Cure Threatens To Pull Out Of Reggae Sumfest

Hours after Masicka‘s manager Corey Todd pulls out of Reggae Sumfest, Jah Cure also threatens to pull out of the event.

Jah Cure shares his dissatisfaction with organizers for changing the time he was scheduled to perform on Saturday night, telling his fans that he would not be taking the stage of his contractual time is change. “Please to advise sumfest organisers that I’m not a ‘big artist,’” Cure said. “Lol, so I need my slot as to what was contracted. I don’t want to be on the stage late. Making my public announcement so my fans and everyone can understand my position on this.”

The reggae singer also expressed his experience with local promoters who often breach their contract with artists. “Most reggae shows in Jamaica don’t like to honour the contractual time that was originally agreed,” he added. “Because of most artist unprofessional isim sometimes lie about flying out or try shift their time and cause confusion. All I’m asking is to be on stage on prime time. If my time is not honored I will definitely pull from the show!!”

Source: Jah Cure Threatens To Pull Out Of Reggae Sumfest

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