Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Says Kanye West Sold His Mother’s Soul To Get Rich

If there ever existed a bigger mama’s boy in hip-hop than Kanye West, I’m not sure who it would be. Kanye immortalized his mother Donna on his first album single “Hey Mama” and went into a high-profile tailspin of pain and grief shortly after her death on November 10, 2007. All that’s to say, reggae legend Lee “Scratch” Perry’s assertion that he would’ve sold her soul in order to become rich is one of the most farcical claims I’ve heard in a minute

In a recent interview on a Canadian radio program named The Strombo Show, Perry said that, “Him sell his mother’s soul to get rich.” Adding, “To get rich, sell his soul to, sell his mother’s soul, sell his soul to get the American dollars that is going down. Why should I listen to somebody that is so perfect and so unperfect and so stupid?”

Why he should listen to him, I don’t know. How he decided Kanye sold his own soul as well as his mother’s for money, again remains a mystery. It should be noted that Perry is getting up there in age at 81 and has always kind of spoken in mystifying and hard to follow ways. Shortly after making that outlandish claim, he also declared that Yeezy is addicted to big butts.

“I don’t have a woman with a real big batty because me is not afflicted by big batty,” he said. Batty, in the Jamaican parlance refers to booty. “I am not addicted to big batty. And I am not addicted to Kim, with batty in front and behind. Kim has batty in front and batty behind. I am not addicted to girls with batty in front and batty behind. The girls I have is not too fat.”

Anyway, you can check out his full comments in the video below. His thoughts on Kanye specifically begin around the 30:00 mark.

Source: Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Says Kanye West Sold His Mother’s Soul To Get Rich

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