George Nooks Ask Fans For Support After Cocaine Bust

George Nooks has broken his silence following an embarrassing cocaine bust last weekend in Kingston.

Police took the reggae singer in custody on Saturday after founding a small quantity of cocaine in a bag he had in his possession. Social media had a field day after the news spread online, but Nooks is saying that a lot of what is being reporting and being said by some fans are simply not true. He declined to give his side of the story saying that his lawyers are handling the matter and will be putting out a press release soon.

“I see a lot of things in the media, but I can’t say much now because my lawyer [Tom Tavares-Finson] told me not to say anything much,” he said. “It is, however, surprising to see how much people have gone against me, and some of the things are not true.” George Nooks is currently out on a $80,000 bond with his first court hearing set for May 17. There are still a lot of conflicting reports about what happened and where he was arrested, so everyone are anxious to hear his side of the story.

Source: George Nooks Ask Fans For Support After Cocaine Bust

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