So Unique Records Mum On Kartel-Shenseea ‘Loodi’ Mix Up

So Unique Records producer Elvis Redwood is staying mum as controversy continues to swirl around the hit single, ‘Loodi’, featuring Vybz Kartel and Shenseea.

On Monday, handlers of Vybz Kartel posted the original copy of the Loodi song with his vocals sans Shenseea on his VEVO page, effectively revealing that Kartel wrote the entire song, with the caption: “My song was never a collaboration!”

The revelation raised the ire of Kartel fans who have long complained that Shenseea had not been giving the ‘World Boss’ enough credit for helping to launch her into the mainstream.

When contacted by a Loop News reporter, Redwood said “no comment”.

However, a former So Unique Records artiste, Keshan, said she had been aware of the Loodi song long before Shenseea decided to add her vocals to the song.  She claimed she actually turned down the offer to do the collaboration in 2015.

“It (Loodi) was never really a collaboration in the first place, so I chose not to do it. I knew it wasn’t a collaboration because it is on the same ‘riddim’ as my song ‘Tricks Are For Kids’ which was released in 2014; both songs were supposed to be released at the same time, and were supposed to be part of a juggling riddim. Elvis (Redwood) held back ‘Loodi’ and, in 2015, linked me about doing a collaboration on the song, I asked: ‘why not release the song as it is?’. He said no and so I said no. The song wasn’t meant to be a collaboration; a lot of industry people knew that,” Keshan said.

“When Tricks are For Kids was first uploaded to youtube, Gaza fans were saying that Elvis also had another  song for Kartel called ‘Double Six (Loodi)’ but that Elvis did ah hold it back. I don’t know the intricacies of the business relationship with Elvis and Romeich and Shenseaa. I had turned it down in 2015 because I  didn’t feel comfortable doing that at the time,” Keshan said.

Keshan burst on the scene in 2014 as a So Unique artiste recording four collaborations with Vybz Kartel, namely Don’t Lie, Kill or DieBubble Up Yu Body and the breakout song, The Goods which had almost a million views when the song first came out.

Industry insiders speculate that Kartel’s handlers released the song because of an interview Shenseea’s manager gave over the weekend that suggested that Shenseea had written her lyrics on the ‘Loodi’ song and this revelation was a bit of payback.

Source: So Unique Records mum on Kartel-Shenseea ‘Loodi’ mix up | Loop News Jamaica

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