Kartel’s Song Belongs To Me – Producer Elvis Redwood

Record producer Elvis Redwood has cleared the air on allegations that he wrongfully recorded Shenseea on Vybz Kartel’s song, Loodi. According to the producer, who released a video about the incident, the song belongs to him, therefore he is free to add an artiste to the project if he sees it fit.

He also took full responsibility for Shenseea’s role on the record, noting that all parties involved were aware that the song was not an official Vybz Kartel collaboration.

“Both versions of the song a mine. My rhythm and Kartel’s vocals. Kartel owns his masters, so 50 per cent of it belongs to him, and 50 per cent of it belongs to me. I don’t handle Kartel money and he does not handle my money. When he does his deal he gets his money, and when I domine, I get mine,” he said.

The producer also said he personally recruited Shenseea to rework the song because he felt the record needed a female voice. Before the release of the record, Redwood said there were persons who tried to stall the release of the track, but none of those persons had the power to make any decision about its release.


Redwood’s video comes after a video of Vybz Kartel’s original version of Loodi was uploaded to the deejay’s Vevo page on YouTube with a caption saying, ‘My song was never a collaboration. However, when checks were made yesterday, the song was removed.

But that has not stopped persons from accusing Shenseea and her manager, Romeich, of stealing Vybz Kartel’s song and making changes to the track without his permission.

Meanwhile, Redwood, who also produced Popcaan’s Only Man She Want, also made it clear that Vybz Kartel was compensated for the song.

According to the producer, he brokered a deal with VP Records for which he was paid and so was Vybz Kartel.

“Johnny Wonder get Kartel money. I also sent a message to him (Vybz Kartel) that I did a deal with VP and I was told by the correspondent that everything was governed,” he said.

As for the recent upload of the original version of Loodi on Vybz Kartel’s Vevo page without Shenseea, Redwood said he is unaware of what motivated the move.

“I received no message from Vybz Kartel saying don’t put out the song. I know what to do and what not to do with Vybz Kartel songs. I have never gone against what I should do as it relates to Kartel’s music,” he said.

Source: Kartel’s song belongs to me – producer Elvis Redwood | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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