Chart Watch Billboard | New EPs take top two spots

The new releases are coming fast and furious – and it is not just at the cinemas where the face of those who love fast cars is unfolding on big screen, the fate of franchise star Paul Walker having already been tragically settled off set. There are two new sets at the top of the Billboard Reggae Album chart for the week, April 22, 2017, half the batch of ‘newbies’ this week. They may be falling short of the glory of albums, though, as they are all EPs.

Topping the heap is the EP Chalice Row or Dig a Hole (Young Shanty). Another EP, Smoke & Mirrors (ARTikal Sound System) is second. Further down the chart this week’s two other new EPs are also cheek and jowl, as P Lee (Preston Lee) is ninth and Luminosity (Jason J) 10th.

Coming up to the celebration of the Christ’s resurrection, Ziggy Marley’s self-titled, Grammy-winning album may not be back from the dead, strictly speaking. However, it has re-entered the chart to claim the number 14 spot, marking its 39th week on the listing.

The number three album, Falling Into Place (Rebelution), and number four set, Fortunate Youth (Fortunate Youth) have both enjoyed upward movement. Rounding out the top five is Set in Stone (Stick Figure), which has fallen from third place last week – but this is in its 73rd week on the chart.

In the mid-third of the chart, The Frightnrs’ Noting More to Say has re-entered the listing to be at number six. Seventh is Common Kings’ Lost in Paradise, down two places from last week. True to the season Get Soca 2017 (Various Artistes) is at number eight in its eighth week on the chart.

The lowest third of the chart begins with Stephen Marley’s Revelation Part II: The Fruit of Life, holding firm at 11, Live at Red Rocks (Rebelution) is down two places to be at number 12. Another re-entry, J Boog’s Wash House Ting, is ahead of Ziggy Marley’s album and the chart ends with Foundation Ska (The Skatalites) at number 15, falling from last week’s eighth place.

Source: Chart Watch Billboard | New EPs take top two spots | Entertainment | Jamaica Gleaner

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