Govana launches Sophomore Album ‘Legacy’

Govana's 'Legacy' Album Boasts Collabs with Popcaan, Aidonia & MavadoThe Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre on Hope Road in Kingston was streaming with industry insiders, producers, entertainers and media practitioners, as dancehall artiste Govana launched his sophomore album Legacy Thursday night.

The 12-track Legacy which soared to the top of several Apple Music charts regionally on Friday, features collaborations with Skeng, Mavado, Jada Kingdom, Aidonia and Popcaan.

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“It’s always great collaborating with my musical peers. With Jada and Skeng, we have a past history of doing music. Me and Popcaan have been friends from the first time that I met music. Mavado is always a general who has been inspiring me since I was growing up so to make music with him was a pleasure,” Govana said in an interview with Observer Online during the launch event.

“It was easy and interesting at the same time, to blend everything. It was challenging but easy because they’re good musicians,” he continued.

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Govana | Play on AnghamiLegacy is the follow up to 2020’s Humans and Monsters Are Not the Same.

Govana says he has grown musically over the past four years between projects.

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“I’ve grown as a better human being, I’ve grown tremendously. Every day you learn something more and I will never stop learning. Every time that I release music, I always try to evolve from what I’ve done before. It don’t make sense you keep on repeating yourself all over,” Govana said.

Over the past few years, the music has changed significantly. Govana says he is supportive of the new generation of dancehall acts.

“I think the music goes with the times, so the youths dem, it goes by generations. You know the hip and the hop ting are the top things that will be at the forefront. The yutes dem a stream the music and a dem a run wid the hype. There’s still good music going on out there, but what’s in the spotlight now, is the yutes expressing themselves,” Govana reasoned

Govana Set To Join 'Dutty Money Riddim' with 'Needle Island'He added, “Mi naw go bash di yutes dem, mi just try to guide dem as best as possible.”

He shared the concept behind the album’s title Legacy.

“Legacy is what every single human being came on the earth and set. What you’re remembered for, the lives that you have impacted negatively or positively. That’s what legacy means to me,” he explained.

During the launch, Govana’s mother Sonia spoke glowingly about her son’s accomplishments and his humble beginnings.

Dancehall artistes Aidonia and Popcaan performed their respective collaborations from the Legacy album.

Aidonia & Govana Goes Mainstream with 'Breeze' – LazeReggae – The Big Deal  PodcastAmong the music industry persons seen in attendance were David Hayle of Chimney Records, dancehall artistes Bugle and RajahWild, music video director and producer Ruption, producer Jamie Roberts and selector Richie Feelings.

Legacy was executive produced by Chimney Records and distributed by Ineffable Records.

Tracks include ‘Earth a Hell’ featuring Mavado, ‘Dat Mi She’ featuring Skeng, ‘Walmartt’ featuring Aidonia, ‘Pull Over’ featuring Jada Kingdom, ‘Saved by a Psalm’ featuring Popcaan and the title track.

Producers include Din Din, Emudio, Crash Dummy, Brandon Shakespeare and Attomatic Records.

Source: Govana launches sophomore album ‘Legacy’ – Jamaica Observer

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