Masicka Might Be Considered By Some As An All Time Great, His Video To Reverse Time Makes A Strong Case

Jamaican Dancehall Phenom Masicka Unveils Music Video For New Single “Most  Wanted” The Hype Magazine: Unveiling the Pulse of Urban Culture - From Hip  Hop to Hollywood! Explore a Diverse Tapestry ofMasicka debuts the visual for his Generation Of Kings single “Reverse Time,” which is an anthem celebrating triumph and rise above adversities. The dancehall deejay is steadily cementing his legacy as one of the greatest artists in the genre of this generation.

Without a doubt, dancehall has seen many talented names over the decades since the 1980s when the genre took root in Jamaican popular culture. However, Masicka may very well go down in history as one of the all-time greats, and he is still in his prime.

The nearly four-minute cut was directed by Shane Creative of Now or Never, with Leon “Kabba” Brown handling the production. The clip saw the dancehall deejay rolling out on a sunny afternoon in his Porsche Cayenne Coupe SUV. The artist rides in the back of the luxury vehicle while his personal driver follows behind some bikers. The group later pulled up to a mansion, where Masicka met up with his crew and some females.

Masicka News and New Music - Urban Islandz“Count up a mill the first time/ And never look back enuh/ Cah me nuh reverse time/ Poverty a di worse crime/ And if you deh a road and nuh work/ You deserve time,” the Genahsyde leader rhymes. “Me say me jump up crazy again, fresh like wow/ Gyal a bring the pussy to the best right now/ Focus youth yuh bread might grow/ Run up pon me thing and smaddy head might, blow/ Straight gunshot and me nuh friend my foe/ Lay down flat if you nuh send my, dough.”

In the meantime, Genahsyde fans have been praising Masicka not just for the song but also for the eye-popping visual. “A work of art. A man who will be remembered for Generations. The Man for the Mission. A Musuem all by himself. The Great Jevaun Fearon aka Masicka,” one fan wrote.

Source: Masicka Celebrates Triumph In “Reverse Time” Video – Urban Islandz

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