Shenseea Reveals That Her Song ‘Hit & Run’ Is Inspired By Her Real Life Experience

Shenseea Talks Coachella Performance, Coi Leray, and Seeing BLACKPINK Live  | Teen VogueDancehall artiste Shenseea has revealed that her new hit song, Hit & Run (featuring Masicka), was inspired by an experience she had with an ex-boyfriend.

New video clips of Shenseea are garnering attention on the internet, in the videos, which were taken from a TikTok live stream, she shares that she contacted an ex-boyfriend for a “likkle hit and run,” but he continued to contact her after they did the thing.

The Foreplay artiste explained that she was tired of using her sex toy and felt as if she had been “single for way too long.” “I’m the type of person when I’m single mi nah go do di run up and down, up and down, and hop from d**k to d**k. I don’t do stuff like that,” she stated.

The entertainer indicated that due to “desperate times,” she contacted an ex-boyfriend who is good in bed. However, the ex-boyfriend is reportedly also someone who has been pursuing her for years, and he stepped up his pursuit after they had sex.

“He been like chasing me fi years, and mi just neva did a pay him nuh mind until, you know, mi did get single and lonely at a likkle time and mi did just mek a likkle call…so [we] have some conversations and ting and link up and do the do. And after that, it’s like him start a text every day,” she stated.

Shenseea went on to say that she had no interest in rekindling their past relationship, nor did she want a new relationship.

As the live stream continues, Shenseea is laughing hard while saying that her ex-boyfriend will hate her after watching the live stream. Leaving a message for him, she said, “Desperate times call for desperate measures. Don’t judge me.”

She also told the viewers, “Don’t judge me…It’s not a new body count.”

After clips of her live stream were shared on Instagram, they mostly received positive responses from amused viewers.

One viewer expressed, “If a man can’t give you a hit song don’t do what 😂🔥.”

Another viewer asked, “A Rvssian?👀bc she love the man dem wah eat ennuh 😂.”

IG user gabilli commented, “😂😂😂😂 me think almost every girl have that one ex they can call when single life get boring 😶😶.”

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Source: Shenseea Reveals that ‘Hit & Run’ is Inspired by Her Own “Likkle Hit and Run” Experience – Video – YARDHYPE

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