Rvssian And Shenseea Haven’t Spoken In Two Years

Shenseea Says She Has Been "Getting Mad Hate" Following Rvssian's Critique  Of Her Music - World Music Views®Dancehall super-producer Rvssian says he and Shenseea have not spoken in two years because they do not see “eye to eye” because of her “choice” of music, which fans are not feeling.

The producer was speaking on Jai Frais’s Let’s Be Honest Podcast. According to him, the two have not worked together in a long time, but she remains signed to his Rich Immigrants, an imprint of Interscope Records.

The two were close at the start of Shenseea’s career, leading to many hit songs like “Blessed” and Shenseea being signed to his label, Rich Immigrant and later Interscope. However, her decision to become a hip hop/pop artist seems to have caused a rift with Rvssian, leading to her unfollowing the producer on Instagram.

When asked about the state of her career and whether she “flopped” as an artiste, Rvssian defends Shenseea but carefully chooses his words to describe the state of their relationship.

Rvssian Shenseea
Rvssian, Shenseea

“I think she is capitalizing on the opportunities in terms of doing [hip hop]. I just feel like maybe the choice of music is not the best of what the people want to hear from her because sometimes the people’s vision and the artiste’s vision [is] different. She might feel like this is what she wants to do, but the people are not accepting her for that,” Rvssian says.

Shenseea has faced major criticism as her core fan base laments how she has fallen off because her hip-hop music is not as good as her dancehall music. However, Shenseea was adamant two years ago that she wanted to broaden her horizons as more than a dancehall artiste and become a pop star like her icon, Rihanna.

Many, including other artists like Sean Paul, have commented on her going out into hip hop as two early in her career. Despite having several major collaborations with acts like Kanye West and Megan Thee Stallion, Shenseea has yet to find the hit that will propel as a hip-hop force to be reckoned with, something Rvssian says depends on fans at the end of the day.

“She choosing what she wants to put out enuh and the people not accepting it what I think is happening, but in this aspect, it’s the people [who are] consuming the music.’s If dem don’t want to hear it… her Pop stuff as much as her dancehall stuff.”

Rvssian also revealed that he doesn’t control what Shenseea does, and even though they have an active contract, he won’t hold back her career.

“Hear what, she signed to me, to be real, me and Shenseea don’t talk in two years but she signed to me, mi nah go control nobody. They can do whatever dem want because mi never want anybody say me hold them back or stifle their career.

Shenseea Previews And Dances To Her Unreleased Song On The Dutty Money Riddim - Watch Video - YARDHYPEWhen asked if they were not seeing “eye to eye” relating to creative differences, the producer said it was a combination of situations causing them to stop speaking.

“I don’t feel like- I not going to tell somebody not to talk about – I can advise you, not to force you. I think during these comments I wasn’t around her,” he said, seemingly responding to a question about whether debut album comments were about him.

The “Tic Tac Toe” producer added that despite the breakdown in their relationship, he still approves all of her music, including her expensive videos.

“Mi nuh wish no bad on she even though we nuh talk. I approve everything. All of them expensive videos I still approve, I never stop a song. It’s just that in this moment we not seeing eye to eye,” he said.

As for Shenseea being on the Dutty Money Riddim, the producer said he was unaware she created the freestyle. Shenseea posted a teaser of the song but captioned it as unfinished and won’t be released. Many felt this was shading Rvssian, who owns the riddim.

However, Rvssian doesn’t seem to take it personally as he questions why she recorded the track even though she never wanted it released.

As for himself as a cross-over producer, Rvssian has had a successful career as a reggaeton producer working with some of Latin’s most prominent artists like Bad Bunny, Farruko, J Balvin, and others.

Still, his love is in dancehall, which he says is done not for money but for fulfillment. He says he’s been working with several young artists like Skeng, Khosa, The 9ine, and others. He produced “Turn Me On” by Jada Kingdom featuring 9ine and says he’s working in the background despite people not seeing or hearing much about him.

Rvssian is credited as helping new artiste Nigy Boy bussin’ as an artiste after his song “Continent” on Dutty Money Riddim. The song is no. 1 on the iTunes Reggae music chart.

Source: Rvssian and Shenseea Haven’t Spoken In Two Years, Producer Talks Fallout – Urban Islandz

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