Stephen ‘Di Genuis’ McGregor Calls For An End To “State Of The Music” Conversation, There Isn’t Any Action Behind It

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Stephen ‘Di Genuis’ McGregor Calls For An End To “State Of The Music” Conversation: “No Action Or Results Behind It”

Jamaican producer Stephen ‘Di Genuis’ McGregor is calling for an end to the ‘pointless’ and sometimes uninformed conversations about the state of Dancehall music that often lead nowhere.

McGregor got this off his chest in a thread on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday, where he aired his frustration about the perpetual discussions and debates about the trajectory of the Jamaican genre.

stephen“Unpopular opinion: I think we should stop having these ‘state of the music’, ‘what music needs’ convos now,” he began in the three-part thread. “So many unwarranted takes & surprisingly most ppl in the business have no clue how it ACTUALLY works. I say, just do what you do confidently think should be done, and if it works, everyone will follow. But there’s no point in coming online, complaining, pretending to know all the solutions with no action or RESULTS behind it. Just respect the fact everyone’s figuring it out and keep it moving. & stop mek the genre look so confusing 🤦🏾‍♂️ blind a lead blind business.”

He further reasoned that media outlets are part of the problem, as they tend to spotlight more negativity in the music space, instead of what is progressive.

“Also! Our media outlets need to bear the burden of a lot of these probs too. We have sooo many great artists doing amazing work, struggling to get the time of day. But every week it’s almost like a celebration of something being “wrong” with the music & all they talk about. 🤷🏽‍♂️🙄”

McGregor, who is the son of Reggae veteran Freddie McGregor, charged creatives to remain consistent and optimistic on whichever path they are on, with the hopes that one day they will succeed.

“Last ting. There’s an audience for EVERYTHING & a business behind how to monetize all of it. Creatives jus focus on YOUR craft. You’re only ‘wrong’ until 1day ur success proves u right. Stop meds the internet know it all’s ✌🏽”

Stephen Di Genius McGregor News and New Music - Urban IslandzOne user challenged McGregor’s stance noting that many consumers have lost their appetites for what is being produced by Dancehall acts these days.

“While you have a point, the audience, fans and media are clearly frustrated with the current state of the music. They will naturally voice their frustration as feedback so musicians are aware and DO BETTER on future projects. That is it. Not just Dancehall fans, but Hip Hop/rap,” @pondends_radio reasoned.

‘Di Genuis’ retorted that there is an audience for what some might have indigestible.

“There’s also an audience who loves the current state too, that’s why it’s even a conversation. But I think the lack of knowledge for how things actually work makes the “music is dead” etc ,topic a low hanging fruit and keeps us in a loop. This convo been a decade + in.”

Stephen Di Genius McGregor News and New Music - Urban IslandzLast August, McGregor had declared that naysayers are usually quick to criticize the state and content of Dancehall music and not the possibility that art mimics reality.

“You have people who are coming from a different time where some of the things now seem very extreme, but I feel as though music is ever-changing, and so is the real world around us, too. People are usually quick to point at the music influencing the reality around us and nobody really takes account for the reality influencing the music and influencing how the people now are acting,” he said at the time.

Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor Signs With Warner Chappell | Billboard – BillboardMcGregor then added, “For songs to get popular…[artists] have to be doing something that’s relatable.”

He explained, “Even if an artist sings the most crazy song with the most violent lyrics, the artist can’t force somebody to like it. There has to be something relatable. When [Skillibeng] says ‘Whap Whap’ or Brysco says ‘Ensure,’ the songs don’t work because they’re funny and people want to laugh after them. They work because there’s something happening why it’s relatable.”

Look A Girl, with his brother Chino, is the latest offering from McGregor. The official music video is on its way to one million views on YouTube.

Source: Stephen ‘Di Genuis’ McGregor Calls For An End To “State Of The Music” Conversation: “No Action Or Results Behind It” – DancehallMag

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