Radio Dubplate Toronto Top 10 Singles 2023 Week 39

Our #1 song for it’s fourth week is by Valiant with “Mad Out”. This song is the talk of the city and anywhere dancehall music is played.

Ding Dong Feat Bravo Ravers is on the chart with “Let Him Guh”, and seems like this song will be on the chart for a while.

Moving closer and closer to the number one spot is Teejay, still on the chart with “Louis V”, I’m sure we will be taking about this tune for a few more weeks.

The chart’s most talked about song on the road right now; Denyque with “Between Me And You” Mad Ting. Meanwhile, Khalia Feat Tanya Stephens with “No Answer”, only needs time before it reaches the top of the chart.

Sean Paul with “Summa Hot” is on the rise; the question is, will it reach the number one spot? Chronic Law is holding on the chart with a good tune called “Gun Pon Belly”, and Shenseea has something special with her single “Waistline”.

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