Jada Kingdom Denies Knowing Burna Boy Name-Drop Her In New Song

Jada Kingdom Trending #1 on Twitter Jamaica After Sumfest Performance -  Watch Videos, See Pics - YARDHYPEJada Kingdom ducks Burna Boy questions following his confirmation he bought her a Birkin bag

Jada Kingdom has skillfully glided over questions that she and Burna Boy might be romantically involved.

Jada popped up with Burna Boy’s necklace a month ago, and she was spotted hanging out with the African Giant for his birthday in London and later in the Netherlands in early July. The artiste has also been sharing her gifts which included a Birkin bag, roses, and other gifts, but she did not say who gave her the gifts.

Some fans speculated that the “GPP” artiste was keeping her love life low key, especially since she recently re-entered the singlehood space after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend Nas EBK.

Heavy' showing from Jada Kingdom at Reggae Sumfest | Loop JamaicaNeither Burna Boy nor Jada Kingdom have confirmed the reports that they are seeing each other, but Burna Boy has been promoting a new song- “Talibans II” remix with Byron Messia, which seems to tell the world that he bought her the Birkin.

In the song, Burna Boy says the best “pum pum” is in Kingston (Jamaica), and that’s why he bought a Birkin for Jada Kingdom. The line has caused chaos as many fans view it as the Afrobeats artiste being smitten by another Jamaican woman.

Just after her performance at Sumfest, the artiste skillfully navigated questions from reporters about her and Burna Boy.

“There is a likkle rumor going around right now but word on the street- Jada and Burna Boy,” a Zip FM reporter asked her.

Jamaican Singer Jada Kingdom Refutes Dating 'African Giant' Burna Boy |  KOKO BridesJada Kingdom, however, dodges the question with skill. “Oh, I’m on the street every day, I’ve never heard that,” Jada says. The reporter pressed by telling Jada that the Afrobeats artist’s verse claimed that he bought her a Birkin bag. However, she doesn’t deny or confirm the rumors, only replying, “Oh he did? I would have to listen to it.”

Burna Boy previously dated Jamaican English artiste Stefflon Don for three years. Some feel that he might be engaging Jada in a PR relationship to get at his ex-girlfriend.

Stefflon Don has not reacted to the latest song.

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