Ishawna Say She Is Ready To Dominate 2023, Warns Other Artistes To Bring It

IshawnaFollowing the release of her first single of the year, New Child, dancehall artiste Ishawna has declared that she is ready to dominate 2023 despite people trying to interfere in her career.

Ishawna has been experiencing a resurgence in her career following her Brace It collab with English singer Ed Sheeran and her performance at Reggae Sumfest 2022. Ishawna debuted New Child on February 17, and since the song’s premiere on YouTube, the music video has garnered over 140,000 views and 13,000 likes on the platform.

ISHAWNA (<a href=@Ishawna) / Twitter" data-noaft="1" />While the church-themed music video garnered positive responses from many fans, it received criticism from some, with music producer Skatta Burrell speaking out in its defence and explaining that it promoted female empowerment.

In a recent Instagram live stream, Ishawna spoke about the song’s performance and issues she has been facing since its release. According to the Equal Rights singer, her Instagram page, which was fine before the single’s debut, has been removed from Google searches. Ishawna said she faced a similar issue in the past when her hashtag was blocked.

Dancehall Artist Ishawna Gives Fans Rare Glimpse Into Family Life -  DancehallMagThe artiste said it would be harder for new listeners to find her on the platform but said she has always persevered despite some people wanting her out of the music industry and encouraged her fans to keep sharing her content. Ishawna expressed that she is ready to dominate 2023 after her long hiatus from the music scene.

Ishawna says "This Time Next Year Things Gonna Be So Different" - YARDHYPE“Yuh si 2023, a problem. Saddle up. Mek sure unu have unu sang dem [ … ] Cah nuh cute face and hot body can save unu,” Ishawna stated.

The singer went on to extend her gratitude to her fans for all the love that they have been giving her latest single and assured them that whenever she is not active online, she’s hard at work.

Watch the video below:

Source: Ishawna Ready to Dominate 2023; Warns Other Artistes to Bring it – Watch Video – YARDHYPE

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