Dancehall Artist Valiant Robbed In Antigua


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Dancehall star Valiant vows not to return to Antigua after a robbery incident by a female

Dancehall star Valiant is a victim of theft in Antigua.

Multiple sources confirmed with Urban Islandz on Thursday that the dancehall deejay was robbed in Antigua on Wednesday night by an obsessed fan. Voice notes and videos of the artist and his manager discussing about the incident have gone viral, with him claiming that he awoke to reports that the woman was seen wearing his clothing.

In a video, Valiant’s selector shared that he saw the woman leaving with Valiant’s clothing.

“You see the same female… memba say we don’t know the girl from nowhere ah Jamaica we deh we don’t know which part she come from. When we deh the place. My artist ah asleep, memba me ah him deejay. Ah di girl me see walk out in the dawg clothes and mi say yow ‘how you get the dawg clothes,’” he said.

Valiant was also on what appears to be an Instagram Live video where he denied knowing the woman or why she would take his clothing.

There is a photo of the 19-year-old woman posing in Valiant’s yellow and white jacket. There is also a voice note purportedly of Valiant where the artist claims that the woman “robbed me and take away my clothes,” and he goes on to say that the young woman had sexual relations with his manager and had also tried unsuccessfully to get down with him. He went on to say that he threatened to call the police on her as he stressed that he was worried about the woman using his clothing for other purposes.

Urban Islandz reached out to Valiant’s team for a comment but was unsuccessful.

In the meantime, Antiguan sources confirmed the incident, but there are reports that the young woman is an obsessed fan, and this is not her first time going after a celebrity visiting the island.

The woman also shared a collage of herself in the rapper’s jacket, which he posed for photos in when he arrived at the V.C Bird International airport.

The rise of Valiant - Jamaica ObserverValiant, who visited Antigua for the first time in January 2023, also reportedly said he is not visiting the island of Antigua ever ago, and his Antiguan fans reacted.

“Not valiant saying he’s not coming back to Antigua and I haven’t gotten my collab yet,” one fan wrote.

Another was less affected by the artist’s utterings writing, “If valiant say he nah come back a antigua awe supposed to cry?”


Source: Dancehall Artist Valiant Robbed In Antigua – Urban Islandz

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