Koffee Doing Her Thing In The Music Business For Four Years Now, And Still Surprised With The Results So Far

Koffee Music | TunefindIt’s been four years since reggae phenom Koffee got her big break in the entertainment industry with her hit single Toast. Since then, the young talent has racked up an enviable list of achievements, including becoming the first and the youngest female artiste to win the coveted Reggae Grammy.

Now touring countless countries across the globe as one of the most recognizable talents out of Jamaica, Koffee admits that despite her good fortune, she’s still taken aback by how fast things came together for her.

“I was definitely pleasantly surprised because I didn’t plan to be an artiste all my life. But I’m more so grateful than surprised because the magnitude of reception, love and just opportunities that I’ve been able to see since then, is vast,” she told OBSERVER ONLINE in a recent interview.

Koffee’s meteoric rise in the entertainment industry was something out of a fairytale. Her debut single Toast was released in 2018 and, in just over a year, she landed a Grammy nomination through her six-track EP, Rapture. She copped the award in 2020.

Jamaican Star Koffee 'Gifted' Album InterviewIn her four-year stint at the pinnacle of reggae music, Koffee has also enjoyed numerous endorsements from A-list celebrities including Rihanna, former US President Barack Obama, Kylie Jenner and more.

Having managed to stay on top even during the COVID-19 pandemic through her hit single, Lockdown, Koffee recently released her first full-length album Gifted. The latter allowed for her first tour of North America which concluded in April.

Describing her favourite part of her journey to fame, the entertainer, who has been on the go since the global entertainment industry resumed normal operations, said she’s always happy to be back on home soil.

“I believe now I can say coming home to perform (is one of the best feelings). I never thought I’d be able to say this a couple of years ago, but after a pandemic, we’ve been on lockdown for a minute and we’ve been robbed of quite a few things that we usually enjoy,” she said.

Koffee Added To Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2020 Lineup - The  Tropixs“Coming home after a 24-day North American tour and a couple of dates in Europe, it feels really good. We have a lot more shows internationally, few more dates in Europe so coming home is always a joy.”

Indicating that fans have been clamouring for more music, Koffee says she is looking forward to releasing new material soon.

“Musically, we like to take our time but we won’t keep you waiting for long. You probably won’t wait as long for the next project as you did for the last,” she said.

Source: Koffee still surprised at her meteoric rise to stardom – Jamaica Observer

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