Jahshii Says He’s Creating”Songs That Touch People’s Hearts”, From This Point In His Career

Jahshii Releases Official Music Video For Single “Di Ting Mad” – YARDHYPEFirst Nation artist Jahshii says he is steering his music away from violent content, as not only is there a void in Dancehall created by a lack of conscious new songs, but he has discovered that his true fan base gravitates towards his more uplifting tracks.

According to Jahshii, where his generation of upcoming artists are concerned, there is a woeful absence of wholesome songs, even though these are in high demand, and he was preparing himself to fill the gap.

“Yeah, when yuh sing gun song and dem slack chune deh bro, if a man come tomorrow and a sing it madder, a dem yuh fans dem gone to.   But when yuh have song weh touch people heart dawg, a dem heart yuh win and not just dem brain, or dem jump or dem snap or dem follow, yuh nuh bro, yuh win dem heart,” Jahshii said in a recent interview with YouTuber/producer Terro Don.

“Jamaica need dem ting deh.  Yuh haffi understand music and entertainment is a feeling and a vibe.  Yuh put people inna certain feeling and certain energy, yuh understand bro.  Das why yuh haffi know dat dawg and motivate people through music and  dem ting deh… Dat is weh me si a spot needed inna Dancehall, caw if me naw do dat, there is nobody who a guh do dat,” he said.

He added: “Mi a deal wid dat becaw dat is weh me si a lane weh nobaddy naw too do right now…  Yuh affi memba seh Jahmiel and Vershon dem forward out powerful and guh tun off enuh dawg.  Cause dem lose dem fan base, dem real, core fan base weh dem build up outta people heart.  Dem lose it and start guh to di likes and di comments fans dem.”

Jahshii Gives Thanks In Newly Released Music Video For “Stronger” – YARDHYPEAccording to Jahshii, at present, it was only Masicka and Popcaan, who had numerous songs in their catalogs that were fit to be played for the general public at any event, including church services.

“Yuh haffi can represent yuhself anywhere dawg… pree artiste weh buss long time.  Das why mi seh Popcaan, though some man nuh even understand why mi seh Popcaan enuh.   Pree artiste inna Popcaan era and pree our era: a me an Masicka an Popcaan can guh right now an perform a di church, a di school, a di Sumfest, a di wedding and everyting fi a hour, TV.  Mi nuh cuss no badwud a Sumfest yuh know bro,” he stated.

“But if me continue fi falla dem yah young artiste yah and do madness bro, dem a guh just continue seh: ‘yow, di whole a di young artiste dem a mad man’, enuh dawg.  Suh me haffi try keep di focus no matta weh people a seh,” he added.

Jahshii - Reggae Sumfest 2022 (Part 1 of 2) - YouTubeAccording to Jahshii, he has long recognized that it was his conscious songs such as Born Fighter, which have earned him a growing number of ardent fans, and not the bellicose content in songs such as Shift Change.

“Yuh know when yuh have a fan base bro and dem a seh ‘dis man yah is mi favourite artiste’ and dem a seh ‘yow, yuh just gain a new fan yute, because a dah song deh weh yuh sing’.   Memba seh my real fan base nuh develop offa Unruly Clash needa… my real fan base nuh develop offa Shift Change an dem chune deh,” he said.

“Mi coulda leave Sumfest without even guh back pon di stage guh sing dem deh…yeh, becaw my real fan base is about real music bro.  Suh me haffi a keep my real fan base that mean seh me caan disappoint… mi caan let dung dem elder people deh. All people weh mi si inna VIP a gi mi di standing ovation dem,” he said.

Jahshii Excited To Perform At Reggae Sumfest Tonight – YARDHYPEThe Excelsior High School old boy said that he knew his approach has resonated with people, as he has not had a major hit song since Born Fighter which was released more than six months ago, but he was being received everywhere he goes as if the song was “released yesterday”.

“Afta Shift Change, when last mi sing a gun chune?   Shift Change a last year chune dawg, uh understand?  If yuh check di stats a di ting bro.  Mi not even put dat pon mi platform bro,” he pointed out.

“Memba seh a nuh every house some man song can play inna yuh nuh dawg.  A nuh every house clash can gwaan inna yuh nuh bro.   All di killa, murdera house conscious chune can play inna, caw di murdera a hold a conscious meds same way,” he contended.

According to the Grants Pen native, he believes he is already a staple name in Dancehall music, but his intention is to become a household name in Jamaica.

WATCH: Jahshii- Di Ting Mad Official Video - BuzzinOnline“Memba seh a household name wi seh wi waan be inna Dancehall. If mi stop do music fi di next 10 year bro, yu still a guh memba Jahshii.  It might nuh international certain way, but inna Dancehall music as Dancehall lovers dem, dem know Jahshii,” he said.

Jahshii’s latest song is Stronger, released on July 23 and produced by Zinc House Music.

Source: Jahshii Says He’s Moving Away From Violent Content To “Songs That Touch People’s Hearts” – DancehallMag

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