Bounty Killer Responds To Getting Banned On IG Over His Stop The Crime Post

Bounty Killer Recuses Himself From 'Toronto Pride' Discussion: "'Can't  Believe Mi Eye' Said It All" - DancehallMagBounty Killer’s official Instagram account has been deactivated after a post he made bashing the police commissioner.

Instagram typically works very hard to keep its community a safe space for all its users. While they encourage freedom of speech, they enforce strict community guidelines to ensure their users’ safety. Sadly, it seems like veteran dancehall legend Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price, may have crossed the line and, as a result, got his Instagram page deactivated. This blow comes after recently sharing his opinions on the Jamaican government and political issues.

The 49-year-old has now unwillingly forfeited his 897 thousand followers with what Instagram has deemed a violation of their community guidelines. Since then, he has started using a new secondary Instagram account, @1unostargeneral, to keep his fans updated.

Bounty Killer Music | TunefindIn an Instagram post made earlier this week by his new page, the Five Star General shared his feelings on the matter. He also shared a photo of the confirmation screen provided by Instagram after he submitted a request for his original Instagram page to be reactivated.

He captioned the post, “Dat Dutty swimstagram tell me three days ago and all now but mi not sweating over nuh blood***** page. mi badder than internet nuh pu***y cyaah muzzled di general mi say weh mi feel fi say.”

Bounty Killer’s new page has been making its rounds and currently has over 41 thousand followers.

The posts that seemingly got his original Instagram page deactivated were surrounding the happenings of the previous week, primarily the industrial action taken by members of the public sector who have demanded wage increases from the government. Throughout the week, employees of the National Water Commission and the National Housing Trust went on strike to condemn the government. Air traffic control officers also held a strike resulting in the grounding of a vast number of flights.

Bounty Killer Gets Support With Calls For Party Extensions During Reggae  Month - The TropixsThe Poor People Governor did not hesitate to defend the workers by taking to his Instagram page and demanding that Prime Minister Andrew Holness, among others, address the workers’ concerns and pay them accordingly. He went on to describe them as “slave drivers.”

Price went on to address the Commissioner of Police Anthony Anderson, calling him a big lunatic for removing him from a Crime Stop commercial for “not being a good role model to aid in mitigating crime in the country,” as reported by Bounty.

In the post shared on his Instagram, he shared a clip of the advertisement and captioned it, “Di big idiot lunatic commissioner took me off that Crime Stop ads saying that I’m not fit enough to help fight or denounce crime since he is why crime is so high [the].”

He continued on a positive note by saying, “Is either we gonna love and cherish each other [or] we all gonna perish with each other.”

Despite his bouts on the media over the past week, Bounty Killer remains optimistic and has continued to share his opinions on current social issues.

Source: Bounty Killer Responds To Getting Banned On Instagram Over Crime Stop Post – Urban Islandz

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