Queen Ifrica Wants Veteran Artist To Be Positive Influences On Younger Artistes

Queen Ifrica Reveals Extent Of Fallout From Controversial Grand Gala  Performance - DancehallMagReggae artiste Queen Ifrica on Wednesday said that entertainers can do a lot more to assist in the fight against crime.

Speaking at the Security Summit of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce in St James, the Lioness On The Rise singer said that the impact of music on persons’ behaviour cannot be overlooked.

“We do carry a lot of influence, as many of us are considered role models and where many of these youngsters look up to us,” she said.

She added: “We, as entertainers, need to recognise this power and that there is a lot we can do to get the youth to think and behave in a positive way. Music is one such avenue that can influence behaviour throughout the society.”

The Source |HERSource Music: An Exclusive Interview With Queen IfricaA year ago, Prime Minister Andrew Holness used the floor of Parliament to lash aspects of the country’s popular culture that he says are contributing to the high levels of violence in the country.

“Dat yuh tek up the AK-47 and tun it inna a man head … . That is not right. And though you have the protection of the constitution to sing about it, you also have a duty to the children who are listening to you,” the prime minister said.

On Wednesday, when stakeholders gathered in Montego Bay for the security summit, Queen Ifrica sounded off about the When We A Step colloboration between Bounty Killer and new sensation Jahshii.

“Now Jahshii, I love him very much. He is one of our very budding potential superstars out of this country, if the same mentorship that you are speaking of is carried out. Now the song that Bounty Killer did with Jahshii is a very serious gun song,” she said.


“While we were just talking about the right for freedom of speech, the right to express through music, the right to be who you are as an artistic person, I was bothered by it as a fellow artiste, myself, as bad as the song is.

“The song very nice, very catchy, the yutes are into it, but we are here today because of the level of violence that we are seeing played out amongst our young people in particular,” Queen Ifrica said.

Fiery Queen Ifrica Wows Rebel Salute 2015 - Jamaicansmusic.comThe Times Like These hitmaker argued that more established artistes should seek to provide mentorship to up-and-coming acts, in order to ensure they not only achieve their potential but also to help them steer clear of dangers.

“I try to reach out to all a these youths. I have all a dem number in my phone, and I am trying now to set up a meeting with them so that I can help them to understand that, see Vybz [Kartel] dem deh, see Tommy Lee dem deh, they are in jail. We don’t know the real reason why they are there, but [they are] still very influential even though they are in there,” Queen Ifrica said.

Vybz Kartel is currently serving a life sentence for murder while Tommy Lee Sparta is in his second year of a three-year prison term, having been convicted of illegal possession of firearm.

Queen Ifrica's powerful "Black Woman" - Reggae VibesQueen Ifrica urged fellow established artistes to “Look at what we are doing wrong in the industry and really try to get to these youths who really look up to us the way they do”.

She noted that Jahshii, when he entered the business, was talking about elevating himself and his family.

“Bounty Killer, as much as I love you and the fact that you have introduced so many great artiste into the space … now you are getting like a grandfather role now, these are great grandchildren that you have now dealing with. We are saying, change the strategy a little,” she challenged the War Lord.

“As an elder in the industry, I am saying to you, Jahshii, that as much as you have the right to be lyrical and to do all you want to do, let’s try to do some of these songs that will elevate your peers’ minds so that they don’t feel like chapping [scamming] is the only way out,” Queen Ifrica said.

Source: ‘Change the strategy’ – Queen Ifrica wants elders like Bounty Killer to be positive influences on younger artistes | Entertainment | Jamaica Star

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