Shenseea Named MTV Global Push Artist For March 2022

Shenseea Is Ready For Pop StardomShenseea was named MTV Global Push Artist For March 2022, and during her interview, the Dancehall star provided some background details on some of her recent Instagram posts.

The 25-year-old is on the verge of her breakout year in the US and has been enjoying some international boosts from artists such as Kanye West, Megan Thee Stallion, and 21 Savage. During a segment called “Behind The Gram,” the artiste explained some moments that each represents a significant jump in her striving career.

Starting with pictures of her styled in a Balenciaga white T-shirt dress and red leggings extending into heels, the “Blessed” artiste recounts that this was taken at her very first NBA game. The photo, which was posted to her Instagram on February 7, sees the artiste brandishing a shiny basketball that she said she really wanted to take home. “Ballin in Balenciaga at the Ball game,” she had captioned the photo.

Interview: Shenseea on Debut LP 'Alpha,' Jamaican Dancehall - Rolling StoneThe deejay explained what was going down behind the scenes of the video shoot for her song “Lick,” which featured Megan Thee Stallion. Following the January 21 release of the song and music video, Shenseea took to Instagram to share a video of her tripping in her heels before a green screen. Of course, the video went viral after it was shared and re-posted on various media outlets. But, Shenseea disclosed that she learned a very important lesson from that incident.

“I learned on that set of my video-shoot ‘Lick,’ do not oil your feet if you’re going to wear platforms, heels… don’t oil your foot. Trust me. Every step me step, foot bruck,” she explained in between laughs.

ShenseeaOfficial 🐉 (<a href=@SHENYENG) / Twitter" data-noaft="1" />Soon after, the singer moved from that moment to talk about a photo of her at the beach rocking some excessive inches. The January 11 Instagram picture, she said, was captured during a campaign shoot and was posted following the release of her first song for 2022, “Dolly.”

She disclosed that the hair was actually 100 inches long.

“I’m gonna do that hair in other colors… I love that hair,” she said.


Explaining a photo of her in a Jamaican flag-inspired swimsuit, the singer said she had recently touched down in her hometown and “wanted to represent” and “showcase that ‘yow, Jamaican gal deh yah.”

While this was a great moment for her, she disclosed that one of her most exhilarating moments was captured in a photo of her in full black attire attending Kanye West’s Donda listening party back in August last year. The Mandeville-born, Kingston-bred deejay featured on the rapper’s album, which later earned her a Grammy nomination.

“That moment to me is special baby,” she started. “I feel like that was the highlight of 2021. Me being on Donda, that was a night. You know, Kanye really has been showing me so much love. I respect Kanye to the fullest…”

She further disclosed that Kanye West was her stylist for the event, and she absolutely loved the fit.

“I was styled by Kanye. When it comes on to fashion he’s crazy and I love it.”

She expounded on what was happening behind the scenes of a sexy photo posted in October 2021, where she rocked a white swimsuit in Dubai. She explained that while she felt incredibly sexy taking that photo, she was also extremely sleepy due to the 9 hour time difference between Dubai from her hometown.

“[It was] my first time in Dubai. I wanted to sleep almost all the time that I’m not supposed to be sleeping because of the time difference… So I had to force myself out of the bed just to take that picture in the daytime because that time just felt like night to me.”


Her performance at Cardi B’s Dancehall-themed “Passa Passa” birthday party in Los Angeles was also a moment that stood out for her.

Speaking on a photo of her in a green and purple set with torn stockings, she recalled that she was “pretty worked up” about choosing what to wear.

“I still wanted to make a statement so I had to get a stylist like asap and yeah he put me in that. I liked it. I looked like a Dancehall queen,” she said.


Despite excitedly mentioning the title of Dancehall queen, Shenseea had previously made clear that she had given five years to the genre and was interested in transitioning into Pop. She had promised that her debut album, ALPHA, which is set to be released on March 11, would reflect her desire as she stressed that it is not a Dancehall album.

The album will feature her two latest songs, “R U That,” featuring 21 Savage and “Lick,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. Both songs were also performed by the artiste on MTV Push.

Rocking a sexy brown full-length bodysuit, the singer seemed to enjoy prancing on stage with two male backup Dancers for “R U That.”

With a commanding performance matching the racy lyrics in “Lick,” Shenseea was flanked by two female backup dancers in a sexy reggae-colored bodysuit with a black covering.

The deejay is also set to perform tonight (March 3) on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Source: Shenseea Shares Story Behind Some Of Her Baddest Instagram Photos – Urban Islandz

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