Rytikal Allegedly Disses Skillibeng, Fans Are Referencing His Now Deleted Comments About “Bagga Lyrics”  

Watch Rytikal's New Video For 'My World' – DancehallMagDancehall artiste Rytikal seemed to have taken offence from the recent shots fired by Skillibeng recently in a now-deleted post as he made some comments on his Instagram defending himself and his brand against any opposition. Based on past interviews done by the artiste he made it clear that he and Skillibeng have no beef even though there is word on the streets that the two are feuding.

As it relates to the ‘E-Syde’ don’s post, it is evident that the main person he was targeting was popular vlogger ‘Terro Don’ who in a youtube video reviewed ‘Skilli’s’ most recent track entitled “Whap Whap” and made a comment stating “Dawg di man song nearly reach a million views inna no time wid mount a credit card eno. But tek dat outta it,” which seemed to have aggravated the “Crocodile Teeth” artiste.

Dancehall Artist Rytikal Is Critical Of 'Murder Surge' In Jamaica, Ready To  Drop New Mixtape – DancehallMagNot too long after the vlogger said what he said, Skillibeng went on to post on his Instagram about the matter, disrespecting the vlogger and even pulling the popular Jamaican “Suck made” card on him. In the same post, the deejay made it clear that he is number one and always will be while questioning Terror Don where the artistes are at this point in their careers after he hyped them up as the wickedest thing.

The reason why Rytikal might have felt that the post was directed towards him as well as due to a section of what ‘Skilli’ wrote talking about the “bagga lyrics” not working for them. The “Chosen” artiste is well known for his very lyrical style in Dancehall that has made him a stand out in that area, so he was not about to take a punch whether his fellow “E-Syde” compatriot was referring to him or not.

Skillibeng & Rytikal Are The New Dancehall Trendsetters With Similar Styles  – DancehallMagIn Rytikal’s post, he posted about being the “baddest” artiste, further going on to write, “weh a man waa mi say him better than me Nuh pu**sy test SYNONYMOUS TO VICTORY,” said the entertainer.

The deejay then went on to write in the caption of the post “ONE RYTIKAL MI NUH LIKE MEDIA MI LOVE MUSIC!! MI NUH LOVE MAN #PURE”.

Source: Rytikal Allegedly Disses Skillibeng After Comment About “Bagga Lyrics” – YARDHYPE

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