Jah Cure Clearly Didn’t Think Leaving Threatening Voice Notes Wouldn’t Come Back To Convict Him, In His Court Case

Jah Cure impresses ZimbabweJah Cure’s threatening voice messages to the promoter he stabbed has been leaked.

The reggae crooner was recently sentenced to six years in a Dutch prison for attempted manslaughter in the stabbing of Amsterdam party promoter Nicardo “Papa” Blake on October 1.

It was a speedy trial not seen in places like Jamaica, with Jah Cure pleading not guilty to attempted murder and manslaughter charges and claiming that he had acted in self-defense when he stabbed the promoter and perforated his stomach.

According to the Netherlands Public Prosecution Service, which had recommended the singer be sentenced to eight years in prison and convicted for murder, there was convincing evidence that Jah Cure had a “preconceived plan” to kill the promoter.

Jah Cure Says He Created History In Africa, Local Media Reports Different  Story – Radio DubplateAmong the evidence submitted by the Dutch authorities were text messages by Jah Cure, who threatened to kill the promoter.

“I’m going to jail for you pu***hole,” one of the texts read. “The last time you will live to diss man thing,” another said.

“‘This is the n***** I have to kill’,” a witness quoted Cure as saying after the stabbing.

On Thursday, a lengthy 1:40 seconds voice note was shared where Jah Cure can be heard saying that he planned to kill the promoter whose nickname is Papa.

“bredda let me tell you a story, I’m in the middle of Amsterdam square with some killers. I’m waiting on Papa to stabbed him like sixty thousand times bro and I have the knife myself. I’m ashamed to tell you this, bro I take off all my jewellery. I’m in the Dam square with Penkow and I’m gonna show Penkow that he needs to put respect on his name,” he said at the start of the damning clip.

Jah Cure | win VP RecordsJah Cure continued to explain his reason for wanting to kill the promoter over monies owed to him and said he even planned to have someone make a video of him stabbing the promoter.

“My brother, this is stupid what I am telling you believe me to God, if Papa shows up here you will hear the news and someone will be here to make the video. My brother I’m not lying when I tell you this. I’m waiting on Papa to fix him good. And I’m waiting. If he shows, brother you will hear the news,” he said.

“I make no joke and I would never send you a voice note like this for no reason. I’m not here to make a comedy show or no movie but I’m here to start a real f**king live show. Bredda believe me, this n***a let me work the stage and don’t pay me bro. and he’s talking tough, I’m waiting on him. Bro, If he shows you will know,” he added.

Jah Cure Biography, Father, Daughter, Wife, Songs, JailedJah Cure’s management has not responded to the leaked voice note, which has gone viral on social media. In the meantime, the stabbing victim has also not spoken publicly since the incident.

During his sentencing earlier this week, a judge had upbraided Jah Cure for what he called a “seemingly rather trivial conflict’ that he “blew up and escalated”. Jah Cure’s trial was done with a translator who translated Dutch to English so he could follow the proceedings.

His attorney Jan-Hein Kuijpers who had spoken after the trial with the Jamaica Gleaner, said the singer was contemplating appealing his sentence. He described the Reggae Roots singer’s latest predicament as “[a] very stressful and emotional situation.”

Listen the voice messages below.

Source: Jah Cure Threatens To Stab Promoter 60K Times In Leaked Voice Messages – Urban Islandz

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