Sizzla’s ‘Rise To The Occasion’ Reggae Month Performance, Creating A Buzz

Hon.Olivia Grange (<a href=@Babsy_grange) / Twitter" width="359" height="239" data-noaft="1" />Veteran Reggae artiste Sizzla Kalonji has gone viral this Sunday especially on the Twitter platform as he is being hailed for his immaculate performance at his “Rise To The Occasion” show at the National Indoor sports centre which saw many persons coming out for a great experience and not leaving disappointed.

The deejay’s performance lasted some time, over an hour, and he had the orchestral help of the “Ruff Cut band” as well as other musicians who came together as one set in a 35 piece union to create the perfect symphony behind the entertainer’s songs.

Sizzla was also properly decked to the toe for the performance as he came out well dressed in a tuxedo suit, looking like a real gentleman but burning the rebellious Rastafarian fire nonetheless.

Apart from the singer’s performance, the show included dancers who were well organized to move in sync with Kalonji’s songs which caused them to make the entire presentation even more alluring to have watched.

Throughout the set, the entertainer drew some of his most classical hits which connected him to the people at a heart level leading them to rush to social media afterwards expressing how powerful of a performance the artiste gave them. Tracks such as “Praise Ye Jah”, “Solid As A Rock”, “Thank You Mama”, “Good Ways” and many others were chosen by the singer as classics that the deejay sang in the set which led the fans to hold the conclusion they did about the performance but overall the entire event was properly executed.

Sizzla Goes Viral And Is Being Praised For &amp;#39;Rise To The Occasion&amp;#39; Reggae  Month Performance – YARDHYPEOver on Twitter, Sizzla was getting his flowers as even ‘Preki’ the stage manager/venue manager and production coordinator made it known to his followers that Sizzla had put in the work for the show to turn out the best by showing up to every rehearsal, learning the stage cues, taking guidance from the band and even ensuring his team follows the Covid-19 protocols.

The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports Babsy Grange also commended the entertainer for his mind-blowing performance while other fans of his also gave him his praises for his wonderful set.

Watch Sizzla’s “Rise To The Occasion” live performance below.

Source: Sizzla Goes Viral And Is Being Praised For ‘Rise To The Occasion’ Reggae Month Performance – YARDHYPE

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