Shenseea Give Just A Little Piece Of Her Album ‘Alpha’

Apple Music Names Shenseea As An “Up Next” Artist - Opera NewsShenseaa was serving body in a new clip on her IG while teasing a snippet off her upcoming album, Alpha.

The “Blessed” artiste went all out for her latest video shoot, modeling what appear to be pieces of moss strategically placed over the pertinent private parts, but not much else. The ten-second clip was a snippet she shared with fans, demonstrating how Shenseea was still working hard on her hustle and that the long-promised debut album would be worth the wait.

On Thursday, the “Be Good” entertainer served body and baby oil as she sat on a table covered by a black cloth and sang for her fans while staring directly into the camera. With her hair wind-tossed and blown upwards, she sported butterflies, flowers, and vines from her hair down to her ankles.

Shenseea New Trending Outfits On 27th Feb 2022 – My Actress GalleryOn her Instagram post, Shenseea captioned the short clip, “Giving y’all a new snippet off the album cuz I love ya. Can’t anymore. ‘ALPHA’ March 11.”

Shenseea, born Chinsea Lee, has fans excitedly anticipating what will go down on Friday, March 11. “Alpha” will provide something for everyone, featuring several genres of music, further highlighting that Shen is not a one-dimensional artiste. The “Dolly” singer has previously shared that she came up with the title of the album pretty easily as she has always seen herself as an ‘alpha female’, hence it resonated with her personality because she is not only strong and dominant but is also the head of her household.

Shenseea - YouTubeWhile a few fans shared that the clip is showing a bit too much skin, most see no problem with it and commend her for always thinking outside of the box. One fan commented, “She enjoys her own music and it shows as the creativity comes outta her pores. Wonder how the video man maintain focus though,” while another chimed, “Sounds like something that just gonna blossom. I’m telling my kids that this was Eve in the Garden of Eden.”

Check out Shenseea new album snippet below.

Source: Shenseea Thirst Trap On IG With New Snippet Of Her Album ‘Alpha’ – Urban Islandz

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