Ricky Trooper At It Again, This Time Giving Himself Flowers, And Dissing Others From New Artists To Tony Matterhorn

CVM LIVE - Unplugged with Ricky Trooper - May 25, 2019 - YouTubeDancehall selector Ricky Trooper does not believe in self-praise, however, he recently did an Instagram live, giving himself flowers for his accomplishments whilst telling his fans not to size him up against any other selector, and even calling out the young artistes in the business for not being able to do what their predecessors did in the music.

In the live video, Trooper said he was never the type to watch himself on videos, however, since the pandemic it is something that he says that he started to do, stating that once he did it he realized he was the “baddest” thing.

As such the popular entertainer wants people to separate him from every other deejay since he claims that no other selector has killed as many Sound systems as him and so he does not even want them to compare him to the likes of Tony Matterhorn.

Stream CLASSIC CLASH! Kilamanjaro v Addies featuring Ricky Trooper 1995 by soundtape.com | Listen online for free on SoundCloudAnother point that Trooper made was that he brought in the bad man style in sound clashes and has in the over 40 years of his craft, killed sound systems such as LP, Earth Ruler, Soul Supreme and Down Beat, both in Jamaica and America, and such he deserves his recognition as other selectors cannot even name 6 sound systems they have beaten in a clash.

Ricky made it clear that his live videos only occur when he drinks and as such it seems as if he was really under the influence when he decided to launch an attack at the young artistes in the business, stating that they do not know how to deejay on the foundation riddims because they are doing trap.

He went on to elaborate on that point by making it known that, even for dubplates it is hard for them since they are not able to even switch up the lines in their songs properly to fit the purpose.

Stream CLASH DANCE! KILLAMANJARO vs BLACK KAT 1998 (FEAT. RICKY TROOPER) by soundtape.com | Listen online for free on SoundCloudUnfortunately, it seems as if Skillibeng and Jahshii had the easiest names to call as Trooper made it clear that the two cannot kill any sound system.

The statements by the popular Sound Trooper selector will certainly add to ongoing conversations about the new crop of Dancehall artistes which have been a hot topic since recently due to Foota Hype blasting them about their dress code and performances which has led entertainers such as Popcaan and Bounty Killer to also make statements concerning the matter.

Dancehall selector Ricky Trooper defends Spice after she was humiliated by promoters | British LinkzWe know for a fact that whosoever have been speaking out against the matter, might have done so to help cause a change among the young artistes, however, we will just need to wait and see if the words of the elders will be felt and complied with.

Watch Ricky Trooper Dissing Tony Matterhorn, Skillibeng and Jahshii below.

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Source: Ricky Trooper Disses Tony Matterhorn, Skillibeng and Jahshii  – YARDHYPE

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