Popcaan Believes He Was Betrayed, And That He is The Gad In The Music Industry

PopCan unveils new album name – Dancehall Mag – Montana NewsEver since last year, the Unruly Boss and members of his camp have been constantly falling out with many disrespectful words being exchanged between the entertainers since that time and now.

Some of the deejay’s former music associates who have thrown direct disses at Popcaan are Versi, Quada, Jah Vinci, Notnice, Unruly Cuz, Petro and recently Jafrass who on Monday referred to the deejay as a “Battyman”.

“Poppy” seems to be flipping the script on his haters however, as ever since he came home from Africa, he has been getting his fans in the mood for new music, even going to the extent of promising them an album he is planning he calls “Great Is He”.

Just this morning Pinkwall posted a slide showing a photo of the deejay, something he wrote on his Instagram story and a video of him hanging out with some of his friends.

Gorillaz Bring Out Popcaan At London Show For NHS Workers – DancehallMagIn the Instagram photo that the entertainer uploaded on his Instagram story, it shows him on the top of a vehicle with some words written across the picture that states “Know they wanna be like me, Gad ina the industry” after which he went on to write, “You need to understand this. when someone betrays you, it’s a blessing. Imagine going through life not knowing that someone has bad intentions towards you. It’s the almighty way of exposing them. Be grateful and move on. It won’t be easy but remember it could have been worse.”

In the video that the Pinkwall Instagram account included in the slide post, the deejay could be seen among a group of people warning them not to let any idiot artiste trick them about Mark X as his levels are much bigger, with him referring to G-Wagons and the Wolverine vehicle as his tier.

Video] Drake Brings Out Popcaan At London Stop For His "Assassination  Vacation" Tour Show - Entertainment News - madaroadPopcaan also went on to warn his friends he was amongst them not to let the same idiot artistes trick them about taking pills and popping molly.

Could it be that what the deejay said in the video was a shot at Jafrass, who called him a “Battyman” before? Or is he just making clear his greatness in his charismatic way?. Only “Poppi” can truly answer that question for sure however, we will also be able to know if it is a shot at any of the entertainers feuding with the “Unruly Boss” since it appears that throwing disses at the former Vybz Kartel Protege is a thing of commonplace these days.

Watch Popcaan Dissing Some Idiot Artistes below in the 4th slide.

Source: Popcaan Says He Is The Gad In The Music Industry And Speaks Getting Betrayed – YARDHYPE

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